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Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Ceramics Major & Minor

Major in Ceramic

A total of 42 credit hours are required for the major in Ceramics and Sculpture. Requirements include 12 credit hours in foundations, 6 credit hours in art history, 18 hours in applied ceramics including Ceramics Handbuilding, (FNAR 120), Ceramics: Wheelthrowing, (FNAR 121) , Ceramics Studio, (FNAR 222), Ceramics Seminar (FNAR 322), either FNAR 123, FNAR 124 or FNAR 126 plus and elective in studio art.  In addition students must take Seminar of Art and Ideas (FNAR 390) and Senior Exhibition Preparation (FNAR 398).

Suggested Course Sequence



Year 1
FNAR 113 Drawing I     
FNAR 120 Ceramics: Handbuilding
FNAR 170 Three-D Design       
FNAR 121 Ceramics: Wheelthrowing 
Year 2
FNAR 190 Color Theory      
FNAR 200 Art History: Preh-Ren. 
FNAR 123, 124, or 126    
Portfolio Review at the midpoint of the 15 course requirements.
Year 3
FNAR 222 Ceramics Studio  
2-Design Elective                  
Studio Art  Elective 
Year 4
FNAR 390 Seminar in Art and Ideas                 
FNAR 322 Ceramics Seminar     
FNAR 398 Senior Exhibition  
Internship I Elective                    



All courses are 3 credit hours

Ceramics Major Tracking Sheet

Ceramics Minor

A total of 18 credit hours are required for the minor in Ceramics. Requirements include your choice of Two Dimensional Design (FNAR 112) or Drawing I (FNAR 113), 3 hours of Art History, Ceramics: Handbuilding (FNAR 120), Ceramics: Wheelthrowing (FNAR 121), Ceramics Studio (FNAR 222) and Ceramics Seminar (FNAR 322).

Ceramics Minor Tracking Sheet