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Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Applied Music Information

Information for Applied Music Instructors

College of Arts and Science Contract

The College of Arts and Sciences will issue you a contract for your assignment. You will be asked to sign the contract at the beginning of each semester by the Administrative Assistant, Marta Wasko.

Applied Music Instructor Responsibility

14 weeks

1. 12 weekly lessons: 30 minutes instruction per week for one credit hour students
2. Studio class: equivalent to your one week teaching load
3. Audition adjudication (new student audition and honors recital audition) and jury: equivalent to your one week teaching load

Academic Calendar Link:


Teaching Space Reservation:

To reserve a space for your lessons or jury, please view the availability at www.calendarwiz.com/dfpareserve

If you see the room available, send an email request to the DFPA, at dfpa@luc.edu with the room number, date, time and duration.

Accompaniment for Studio Classes, Juries and Audition

Susan Chou and Rachel Shaftman will be the staff pianists for studio classes, honors recital, audition and juries. Score should be placed in the appropriate mailbox of the accompanist with the student’s name, email address and event two weeks prior to the audition and jury exam. If student misses the deadline, then it will be up to the student to find his/her own pianist. There will also be an additional fee if the student needs extra time to rehearse.

Instructors -please utilize the studio classes as rehearsal time for the audition and juries. In case of cancellation, 24 hours notice should be given to the accompanist in order to reschedule.

Absence from Lesson

If you are going to miss more than two weeks of lessons during the semester, you must notify the chairperson of the department, the director of music and the director of applied music before semester begins. It is not sufficient to make private arrangements with a colleague to cover the classes, and bringing a substitute instructor from outside requires an approval from the director of music. In cases where longer notice is not possible (as in the case of illness that comes on overnight), you may report your unavailability to teach by leaving a detailed message with the department staff. You should also try to use Blackboard to notify your students.

Student Attendance

Attendance at lessons is the responsibility of the student. Faculty will make every effort to make up lessons when students present a valid medical excuse or an excuse acceptable to the instructor. Lessons missed or cancelled due to last minute schedule conflicts or inadequate preparation will not be made up and excessive absence will be reflected in the final grade.