Loyola University Chicago

Center for Urban Research and Learning


Risa Visina

Risa Visina

What Attracted Me to CURL:

During my sophomore year at Loyola, I began researching minor programs that would allow me to create a bridge between my passion for social justice and my interest in health care issues. I discovered CURL when I found the Urban Studies minor and was drawn in by the opportunity to collaborate with community partners on research that will have a direct impact on communities within the Chicago area. What excites me about being an undergraduate research fellow is the opportunity to expand upon my interests in public health, health care disparities and the interconnectedness between people and their environments.

What I Hope to Gain from CURL:

I hope to gain new perspectives on current social issues and a better understanding of how the concepts I have learned in my Urban Studies courses are being implemented in real-life situations. I also hope to expand my research capabilities and learn more about techniques for conducting community-based research on a variety of social issues.