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Center for Urban Research and Learning


Iqra Mushtaq

Iqra Mushtaq

What Attracted Me to CURL:

I am majoring in Anthropology and I believe that the Anthropology major teaches what it means to be human from all perspectives and puts it together in a holistic vision that articulates well with the transformational and social justice curriculum at Loyola. Therefore, a CURL research opportunity that directly confronts and studies social change issues is not only intellectually beckoning, but also morally. Many of these issues are deeply established in our society. I want to help look at ways that they exist in our society and how to improve interactions among humans by conducting research of my own.

What I Hope to Gain from CURL:

Throughout my time at Loyola, I have come to believe that it is only by pursuing the best in our education, justice, and faith that we bring out the best in ourselves. From the CURL collaborative research model, I hope to gain the learning and leadership that will allow me to advocate for freedom of inquiry, the pursuit of truth, and care for others.