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  • Total Hours: 34
  • Practicum: Required
  • Comprehensive: None
  • Thesis: None
  • Length of the Program: This cohort program is designed to be completed in 2-1/2 years (7 semesters) including summers.  All courses must be completed within the cohort sequence. (See SOE Policy: Time Limit for Degree Completion
  • Curriculum Plan: Completion of the M.Ed. degree program requires 34 semester hours of graduate credit. For more information, see the Coursework page on the School of Education site.
  • Technology Expectation: All students are provided Internet access to link electronically to classmates, faculty and student services. In order to use these technological resources, all students must have the computer skills necessary to support academic work (i.e., word processing, PowerPoint) and to access e-mail and the Internet.
  • Continuous Enrollments: Master's students in Organizational Evaluation are required to maintain the status of continuous enrollment during their program of studies. This means that students complete the cohort in the course sequence and time frame as defined.

    RMTD 400: Introduction to Research Methodology
    RMTD 404: Introduction to Educational Statistics
    RMTD 406: Educational Evaluation
    RMTD 407: Introduction to Evaluation Theory
    RMTD 410: Communicating Research Findings
    RMTD 411: Introduction to Human Performance Technology
    RMTD 412: Needs Assessment
    RMTD 415: Practicum in Organizational Evaluation
    RMTD 420: Educational Research I: Building a Body of Evidence w/Qualitative Methods 
    RMTD 580: Special Topics: Project Management
    HRER 417: Managing and Motivating in the Workplace 
    MGMT 472: Organizational Change and Development
  • Required Courses (34 semester hours): Please see the Coursework tab at the top of the page for course sequence and course descriptions
  • Degree Conferral: While the commencement ceremony is every May, degrees can be conferred May, August, and December. Students must apply for graduation/degree conferral. Students should apply for graduation in the semester they anticipate completing all degree requirements. Failure to meet application deadlines may result in a delay of the conferral of the degree to the following semester. Applications for Degree Conferral* are due August 1 for December conferral
Please note the degree conferral application is valid for only one semester. If the degree is not conferred for the semester requested, a new application is required for a subsequent semester.


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