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Cuneo Mansion & Gardens

Continuing Education

For more information or to register for continuing education courses at Loyola at Cuneo Mansion and Gardens, see Loyola's Continuum program at LUC.edu/continuum.

Exploring the Gardens at Loyola's Cuneo Mansion

Stop, smell the flowers. You've admired public parks and conservatories; now walk in a private garden second to none with art historian Rolf Achilles as he tours with you through a lush bit of northern Italy in the Cuneo Gardens of Vernon Hills. A northern Italian mansion designed by Benjamin Marshall, dean of Chicago's architects of the 1910s and roaring 20s, is the perfect backdrop for your views of the impeccable gardens of Jens Jensen, creator of the Chicago Park system. Experience what it's like to tour northern Italy without jet lag. Join us on June 8 when Loyola opens the Cuneo estate expressly for our group to walk through these incomparable gardens. Learn more

Introduction to Freelance Travel Writing that Gets Published

Professional travel writing requires keen observation skills, organization, flexibility, high energy and curiosity. In this concentrated introductory course you will discover how these essential skills apply to writing travel content for print and online media at Cuneo Mansion, a Chicago landmark and cultural destination. Classroom discussion covers analysis of travel media outlets, compelling travel photography, interview technique, in-class writing workshops and marketing your work. Learn more

Resistance, Resiliency, or Reinvention: Choosing Your Path

Change happens. Markets change, organizations change, people change. Our responses to these changes vary-- sometimes we dig in our heels and resist the change. Sometimes we bounce right back. Still other times we do more than bounce back and use the change as a springboard. The first step in this workshop will be to look back on your responses to previous changes. Then we will look at changes happening now and in the near future and how you can change or even accelerate on the path you choose. Learn more

Wines From Around the World

This program consists of three classes. In the first class, we'll explore and taste a variety of Chardonnay (oaked and unoaked) and compare them to Sauvignon Blancs. The "horizontal" nature of the tasting (i.e., all wines from the same vintage) will allow you to compare and contrast the wines from different grape growing regions. In the second class, we'll examine and taste Pinot Noirs from California, Oregon, and France. Finally, in the third class, we'll explore Napa Valley and French Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Through these classes, not only will you experience some great wines, but hopefully develop a new perspective on wines from different wine regions and the ability to distinguish these wines from others. Learn more


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