Turn Around – Experiencing a Story in 360 VR

Turn Around – Experiencing a Story in 360 VR

Turn Around – Experiencing a Story in 360 VR

Jamason Chen leads the second of the Fall 2017 Lunchtime Lectures at 12:30 pm Wednesday, October 18th in the CTSDH, 3rd floor, Loyola Hall, Room 318. 

When a camera covers all angles in a shot, how may a story be scripted in narrative? When nothing can be hidden around the camera, how may technical setup enhance storytelling? 360 VR visual production and presentation are facing challenges both in methodology of telling a story and technology of implementing storytelling. This presentation will be trying to explore some new ideas and methods of storytelling in a virtual reality environment.


Past Fall 2017 Lunchtime Lectures

Exploring Common Sense: Creating a Digital Critical Edition

Wednesday, September 13th 12:30 pm

Explore Common Sense ( is a digital critical edition of the first British edition of Thomas Paine's pamphlet Common Sense, which is notable for the redactions that prevented the printer from being arrested for seditious libel. Creators Kate Johnson, Marie Pellissier, and Kelly Schmidt will discuss the process of working with an original copy of the text in University Archives and Special Collections, creating the site, and its potential as both an interpretive and learning tool inside and outside of the classroom.