Modernist Networks

The Modernist Networks project (ModNets), directed by Pamela Caughie and David Chinitz of Loyola University Chicago, has received a Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant from the NEH ($27,671). ModNets is a consortium of digital projects in the field of modernist literary and cultural studies. ModNets has the dual goals of establishing a vetting community for digital modernist scholarship and a technological infrastructure to support development of scholarly projects and access to scholarship on modernist literature and culture. ModNets recently joined the Advanced Research Consortium (ARC), an overarching federation of similar organizations in various historical fields of literary and cultural studies. The NEH grant will allow the group to hold a workshop at the CTSDH bringing together directors of digital modernist projects, ModNets leadership, metadata analysts, and ARC representatives in order to review ARC's metadata vocabulary in the light of modernist scholarship and enhance it to describe the artifacts of modernism with sufficient clarity and richness.