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Conference on the Study of Religions of India (CSRI)



The CRSI—the parent organization of the renamed CSRI—served for many years as a testing-ground and vehicle for some important publications in the study of Indian religions. During the past fifteen years, several important works have emanated from its annual workshops.  Notable among these are Gods of Flesh, Gods of Stone edited by Joanne Waghorne, Norman Cutler, and Vasudha Narayanan, Purity and Auspiciousness in Indian Society edited by John Carman and Frederique Apffel Marglin, Demon Devotees edited by Alf Hiltebeitel, and a special issue of Journal of Vaisnava Studies edited by John Cort.

In the tradition of its parent organization, CSRI regularly publishes thematic volumes that include a select number of papers presented at its annual meetings as well as quality essays solicited from respected scholars. The first CSRI volume published, Miracle as Modern Conundrum in South Asian Traditions (State University of New York Press, 2008), co-edited by Corinne Dempsey and Selva J. Raj, originated from the 2005 Annual Meeting. Three volumes are also currently in the editorial process: Sacred Matters: Material Religion in South Asian Traditions, co-edited by Tracy Pintchman and Corinne Dempsey; Refiguring the Body: Embodiment in South Asian Religions, co-edited by Karen Pechillis and Barbara Holdrege; and Ritual Innovation in South Asian Religions, edited by Amy Allocco and Brian Pennington.

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