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Online Evaluation Software - VIMEO

Virtual Information Management of Education Outcomes - VIMEO

VIMEO is an online evaluation software built on the ETO (Efforts-To-Outcomes) Software platform. The overall purpose of this web-based application is to facilitate data-driven decision making process and provide a mechanism to improve practice on social, emotional, behavioral, and academic supports. 

VIMEO was created by the IL PBIS Network (funded by the Illinois State Board of Education) and is designed to support students, families and educators in the application of a three-tiered model of school-wide PBS including primary, secondary and tertiary intervention systems.

VIMEO is a data collection and reporting tool. It is accessible at the point of service, and allows users to capture the data efficiently and reliably. The data are then integrated with other available data, and exported out to help the right people make diagnostic, formative and summative decisions.    

The data can get into the system in two ways; they can be entered-in directly via the user interface, or they can be imported from external databases. The data are then integrated with other data that are already in the system, and exported out either via a flat file, or via a report that addresses static evaluation questions to help in data-driven decision making. The system has built-in security, so that access to right data can be provided to the right people at the right time. At its current use, there are three major user group access levels with statewide, regional, and building login privileges.  

In addition to assessment data that can be collected for schools, additional information can be recorded for the building, e.g., demographic information, contact information, state and national identification numbers for the school.

While filling out a standardized assessment, school can select its school level (e.g., Elementary, Secondary) and based on that response, appropriate questions become available. An example of that would be the Inclusive Practices Reflection Tool completed at the building level.

This data can be then exported, merged with other available data (e.g., academic data), and further analyzed.

Operating System Requirements for VIMEO:

The operating system requirements for VIMEO are listed below:

  1. VIMEO can be operated in any of the Windows operating systems.

  2. VIMEO can be operated in a Mac environment, given that it has WindowsXP operating system installed on it.

For more information on how to use VIMEO software on a MAC computer, please click here. (Note: Once you open this page, please click "Can I use ETOSoftware on MAC?" to view the details.)

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