Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science

Tutoring Hours

Fall 2015

Except for one WTC spot noted in the schedule below, all tutoring will be at LSC in Crown Center room 103, 105, or 102 starting Monday, August 31 and running through the last week of classes on days when classes meet.

Check Piazza for current tutor locations: http://piazza.com/luc/fall2015/comp125to3xx/home.

All the tutors are expected to help with 125, 150, 170, 271 (and corresponding parts of 388-004 and 388-005), though some of them are learning about Python (150) or AppInventor (125) just now (but have other programming experience). Additional courses taken at Loyola or other particular areas of expertise are listed here:

  • Ritu Agrawal: 413, 417, 453
  • Tom Biju: 163, 250
  • Tyler Bobella: 313, 388 (web)
  • Jonathon Brenner: 363, 383
  • Nick Miller: 383
  • Salomon Smeke: 264, 349

9:30am--11:15am Salomon Smeke
11:30am--12:30am Ritu Agrawal
1:00pm--4:00pm Nicholas Miller at WTC in LT-520
4:30pm--6:00pm Tom Biju

9:00am--11:15am Salomon Smeke
4:30pm--6:00pm Tom Biju

11:15am--12:15pm Robert Hernandez
2:00pm--4:00pm Nicholas Miller
4:30pm--6:00pm Tom Biju

10:20am--11:30am Tyler Bobella
12:05pm--2:30pm Robert Hernandez including 1:00pm--2:15 in CC-210
4:30pm--6:00pm Tom Biju

11:15am--12:15am Robert Hernandez
1:00pm--4:00pm Jonathon Brenner in CC-200 West
4:30pm--6:00pm Tom Biju