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Department of Computer Science

Programming Prerequisites

The descriptions below are for the courses at Loyola. If you took these subjects elsewhere, you are not likely to have the exact same collection of topics, but if you are close, there should not be much problem filling holes as needed.


Expectations from COMP 170/ISOM 370

List of top ten concepts you should understand at the end of COMP 170/ISOM 370, Introductory Object Oriented Programming (in Java, C#, or a similar):


1. Be able to distinguish between class and instance

2. Know syntax rules and coding style

3. Use conditional control structures fully and correctly

4. Construct loops with control structures

5. Use the primitive types and operators appropriately

6. Lean how to create good OO encapsulation

7. Construct and understand methods fully

8. Be knowledgeable about important library container classes and arrays

9. Perform simple input/output processing

10. Understand OO Interfaces


Expectations from Data Structures, COMP 271

1. Java/OOP

2. Mathematical context

3. Data structures

4. Core programming language concepts