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Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Magnus Seng, Ph.D.

Title:Emeritus Professor 
Office:Lewis Towers 924, WTC 

Personal Information

Dr. Seng joined the Loyola Criminal Justice faculty in 1981.  He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, a master's degree from The Catholic University of America and a B.S. degree from St. Francis Xavier University, in Nova Scotia Canada.  Dr. Seng is also a senior research associate with Huskey & Associates, a nationally recognized corrections research consulting firm.

Like the majority of criminal justice faculty, Dr. Seng has a wealth of practical experience in criminal justice agencies to enrich his teaching of criminal justice theory.  He has worked either professionally or academically in criminal justice for the past 35 years.  Before leaving Canada in 1960, he supervised parolees released from a Montreal area federal prison.  He was a juvenile probation officer, probation officer supervisor and training instructor in Cook County for four years.  He was an instructor in criminal justice planning and data analysis for the University of Wisconsin?s Criminal Justice Training Center where he trained police, probation, court, and correctional personnel from over 10 states to jointly examine criminal justice as a system.

He served as Associate Director for Planning and Evaluation for the Illinois Law Enforcement Commission, Illinois' Criminal Justice Planning agency under the LEAA program.  In that capacity he was responsible for the design and implementation of a state-wide planning effort that required working closely and cooperatively with police, court, and correctional agencies at the municipal, county, and state levels.  He was responsible for planning the use and allocation of approximately $200 million in federal funds for a comprehensive range of criminal justice programs throughout Illinois.  He also directed the agency's evaluation of federally funded programs.

Dr. Seng's research interests include criminal justice policy, correctional planning, intermediate sanctions, adult and juvenile probation, sex offender probation programming, and criminal justice evaluation.  He is also currently engaged in research on campus crime and bank robbery.  He has served as Senior Researcher on a host of projects including the State of Kansas Master Plan for Corrections; State of Pennsylvania Boot Camp Planning Project; Luzerne County, PA, Needs Assessment/Day Reporting Development Project; State of Delaware Women's Correctional Facility Analysis, and the State of Missouri Regional Justice Center Feasibility Study.

Although actively engaged in research, Dr. Seng's passion is teaching.  He has been nominated for excellence in teaching awards on a number of occasions and has been recognized by students and faculty as an outstanding teacher.  In addition to the introductory criminal justice course taught be all criminal justice faculty, Dr. Seng has taught courses in research and statistics, community corrections, victimology, and adult corrections.  Most recently, he has concentrated on the adult corrections course (Corrections in America) and the Senior Capstone course for graduating criminal justice majors.

Dr. Seng has published extensively having authored and co-authored over 20 articles and five books on a variety of criminal justice topics.  He has been interviewed on numerous occasions by the print and broadcast media particularly concerning his studies of bank robbery.  His most recent publication includes a comparative analysis of violent and non-violent offenders on probation in Illinois and an examination of female probationers in Cook County.


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