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Knowledge Areas: Continuing Students

The Core Curriculum expands the horizons of students' understanding of themselves and the world through a breadth of learning in the liberal arts and sciences. Courses in the Core Curriculum reinforce the development of skills and integrate understanding of values.

These courses go into effect Fall 2012.  All core courses taken by continuing Loyola students prior to the Fall of 2012 will continue to count for Core credit.

Required Areas of Knowledge Required Core Courses Credit Hours
College Writing Seminar 1 3
Artistic Knowledge and Experience 1 3
Historical Knowledge 2 6
Literary Knowledge and Experience 2 6
Quantitative Analysis 1 3
Scientific Literacy 2 6
Societal and Cultural Knowledge 2 6
Philosophical Knowledge 2 6
Theological & Religious Studies Knowledge 2 6
Ethics  (Satisfied by completing one course that has been approved for Ethics in either Philosophical Knowledge or Theological and Religious Studies Knowledge Areas.) * *
TOTAL 15 courses 45 hours

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