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Marshals are Loyola faculty and staff who volunteer to assist in their school or colleges Commencement ceremony. For more information on specific duties and the time commitment involved please contact your Dean's Office.

Academic apparel will be rented for you to wear before and during the ceremony. Unfortunately you will not be able to wear your own academic apparel should you own it. All marshals wear the same color gowns in order to help our guests easily identify you. However, if you have received a masters degree or higher you will be allowed to rent the appropriate hood and wear it along with your marshal apparel. Your marshal academic apparel is provided at no charge to you as it is subsidized by the University.

To register to be a marshal during one of the Commencement ceremonies please click the link below. During your registration you will also provide information for renting your apparel.

Marshals, CLICK HERE to register for Commencement.

If you have any questions please contact your dean's office.