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25 April 2014, Cold War reconnaissance photographs multiply evidence of Bronze Age settlements across the Middle East

21 April 2014, Research into lead-content of Roman water renews old controversies

16 April 2014, Newly discovered section of boundary-wall means Ostia was 40% larger than previously thought

10 April 2014, Spectroscopy technologies suggest "Jesus' wife" papyrus dates to 7-8 century

9 April 2014, ABA Journal notes self-identifying Classics majors score highest average LSATs

3 April 2014, Re-dating Tempest Stele recalibrates for Thera eruption

26 March 2014, Modern technologies in the study and presentation of Roman shipping

16 March 2014, Controversy at prospect of Rolling Stones concert in Circus Maximus

4 March 2014, 300-ish

4 March 2014, New analysis of trash-distribution in Greek agriculture

4 March 2014, History of Exelauno Day

20 February 2014, Pompeii in 3-D cinema

12 February 2014, Bronze statue of Apollo recovered from the sea at Gaza

29 January 2014, New fragments of Sappho's poems

29 January 2014, 6th-century BC temple briefly uncovered in Rome

29 January 2014, Genome sequenced of the pathogen that caused the Justinianic plague

23 & 26 January 2014, Ancient infanticides

21 January 2014, Genetic study identifies Ptolemy's elephants

18 January 2014, American archaeologist advocates privatizing development of select sites in Greece so as to preserve them

10 January 2014, Archaeology of apotropaic magic: charms against earthquakes from AD 17 Sardis

8 January 2014, Reconstructive archaeology solves Mycenaean portable cooking devices

8 January 2014, National Hellenic Museum hosts re-trial of Orestes for matricide

5 January 2014, History of the term anaesthesia

2 January 2014, Varied diet confirmed for all social classes at Pompeii, exotics too for elite diners

31 December 2013, Digital astronomical modeling identifies relationship between Augustan Gnomon and Ara Pacis

24 December 2013, Vatican will open 1c-4c Roman cemetery to visitors

17 December 2013, Publication of new study of mental disorders in the Classical World

22 October 2013, Pollen study identifies climate change as cause contributing to the end of the Mediterranean Bronze Age

9 October 2013, 7c BC "strip-mall" uncovered in Argilos: earliest stoa identified in northern Greece

12 October 2013, Roman bath-house still operating in Khenchela, Algeria

30 September 2013, Assyrian and independent city of Idu located in Iraqi Kurdistan

4 September 2013, Current events recall use of chemical weaponry in Sasanian penetration of Dura-Europos, AD 256

2 September 2013, American School of Classical Studies at Athens notes deaths of scholars Anna Shaw Benjamin (21 July) and Gloria Merker (24 August)

27 August 2013, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter gets Twitter feed in Latin

26 August 2013, 4c AD Lycurgus Cup illustrates ancient Roman nanotechnology

21 August 2013, University of Catania tests wine-making techniques from Roman texts

14 August 2013, Drought proposed as crucial in collapse of Bronze Age civilizations

8 August 2013, Annual reenactment of the battle of Alesia

7 August 2013, Mock trial will assess arguments for identification of the Rubicon

1 August 2013, Presenting the ancient Mediterranean world to children

29 July 2013, Mayor of Rome moves to repel automotive invasion from part of the centro storico

23 July 2013, UNESCO decides not to de-list Pompeii among World Heritage sites

3 July 2013, Israeli archaeologists uncover legionary base in Galilee of Roman legion 6th Ferrata

1 July 2013, Contention between native countries and museums about repatriating antiquities includes 5c Lydian kline and other Turkish, Sicilian, Egyptian, and Cambodian items

19 June 2013, Prometheia solstice-festival gives occasion to modern revivalist movement for ancient Greek religion

8 June 2013, Review of A History of Optics: from Greek Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century

29 May 2013, Traveling exhibition of art-works from ancient Sicily

28 May 2013, Geologist Norman Herz dies, aged 90

22 May 2013, 2500-year old forearm of Greek warrior x-rayed at Long Island Jewish Medical Center

14 May 2013, DNA analysis suggests Minoan people originated in Neolithic Europe

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