Loyola University Chicago

Center for the Human Rights of Children


The Center for the Human Rights of Children is proud to partner with various community organizations, NGOs, and advocacy groups to fulfill its mission. Some of this work includes:

  • Building the capacity of New York State child welfare agencies to identify child trafficking (with Affiliate Faculty member, Dr. Deborah Baskin)
  • Orphan Youth Project: Transitions Initiative (with IOFA and Affiliate Faculty members, Dr. Anita Thomas and Dr. Julia Pryce)
  • Access to legal services for child trafficking survivors (with Consultant Linda Rio Reichmann)
  • Building Child Welfare Response to Child Trafficking (with IOFA)
  • Youth violence prevention (with Faculty Fellow, Dr. James Garbarino)

The CHRC is always interested in collaborating with partners, both within and outside of the university, to address contemporary children's rights issues. If you are involved in such an organization and are interested in working with the Center, please contact our Graduate Assistant for more information.