Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Senior Awards

The Department of Chemistry recognizes outstanding seniors in the chemistry major. Exceptional students are nominated by the chemistry faculty for the following awards, presented at the annual Honors Convocation of the College of Arts & Sciences:

Fr. Morrissey Medal—Awarded to the outstanding senior.

Professor Cassaretto Medal and $500—For outstanding scholarship coupled with generous service to the department.

Merck Index Award—Awarded to the “top senior class student”

American Institute of Chemists Award—For outstanding graduating senior who has demonstrated a record of achievement. The award consists of a one-year student associate membership in the AIC, a peer-reviewed journal, access to the AIC website and more.

Hypercube Scholars Award—For excellence in didactic classes such as Physical Chemistry and in Computations Chemistry Research. The award consists of a copy of Professional HyperChem.

Departmental Honors—In order to receive chemistry departmental honors at the honors convocation, students must have a Loyola GPA in chemistry major courses of 3.5 or higher exclusive of Chem 300 and have completed at least one semester of Chem 300.