The Cardinal Newman Lecture

Cardinal Newman Lecture Photo


The Cardinal Newman Lecture Series is named after the great 19th century English prelate who wrote very movingly about his intellectual journey toward Roman Catholicism in his spiritual autobiography, Apologia pro vita sua (1864). Newman's work helped later generations of Catholics and Catholic converts map out ways to understand the datum of religious faith in light of the contemporary issues facing modern life.

Honoring this engagement with the Catholic tradition, CCIH will invite scholars each spring to recount their own discovery (or rediscovery) of the Catholic intellectual heritage in light of their ongoing scholarship.

  • The 2016 Cardinal Newman Lecture: Mary Karr

    Join us for the 2016 Cardinal Newman Lecture with poet and memoirist Mary Karr, who will deliver a lecture titled "From Black-Belt Sinner to Sweet Baby Jesus."
  • The 2015 Cardinal Newman Lecture: Dr. Colby Dickinson

    For its 3rd Cardinal Newman lecture this spring, the Hank Center invites Dr. Colby Dickinson (Theology Department, LUC) to reflect upon, and speak about, his journey of faith in the Catholic Church.
  • Mr. Gregory Wolfe

    For its second Cardinal Newman Lecture this spring, the Hank Center invites writer, teacher, publisher, and editor Gregory Wolfe to speak about his journey of faith in the Catholic Church.
  • New Lecture Series

    On February 12, Dr. James Garbarino presented CCIH’s first Cardinal Newman Lecture. Dr. Garbarino, the Maude C. Clarke Chair of Humanistic Psychology at Loyola University Chicago, recounted his intellectual rediscovery of Catholic Social Thought within the context of his own work on the human rights of children. Video of the lecture: The (re-)Discovery of Catholic Social Theory in Understanding Trauma, Violence, and the Human Rights of Children.