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For Students

At Loyola, we recognize that as a student you have choices about drinking: whether or not to drink, how much to drink, where, when, and with whom to drink. You are a young adult with the freedom and responsibility to make your own decisions. We are here to help you navigate the challenging course through college and to find ways to balance what matter most to you: meeting new people, having fun, doing well in school, being healthy and in control, shaping your character, achieving your goals.

While most students at Loyola use alcohol in moderation or not at all, a significant minority of students drink in ways that put them, and others, at greater risk for alcohol-related harms–negative consequences that can quickly throw what matters out of balance. These include injury, fights, sexual assault, property damage, vandalism, legal trouble, unplanned and unprotected sex, poor academic performance, interrupted studies, etc.

Loyola's "Choice. Control. Character." initiative is a set of strategies to prevent or reduce harm from alcohol use to students who drink and the people around them. As we work with students to reach this goal, we believe you will benefit from a campus environment that discourages heavy drinking and supports safe and responsible decisions about alcohol. "Choice. Control. Character." will help you achieve those things that matter most to you.

Resources for Students