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Hosting a Party? Keep It Fun! Keep It Safe!

A Guide for Loyola University Chicago Students

Students want to have fun and socialize in college and throwing a party can be a great way to do that. Whether for fun, notoriety, extra cash or whatever, house or apartment parties have been a part of college life for generations. But it’s no secret that many party hosts, guests and neighborhood residents have experienced harm related to students’ drinking at off-campus parties, such as injury, violence (including fights and sexual assault), property damage, noise and fines. If you throw a party—not just a get-together with close friends, but loud music, kegs, drinking games, and line-out-the-door crowds—you may be contributing to these problems and putting yourself at risk for potentially costly consequences. The tips and information provided here are meant to help party hosts create an environment that is safe and fun for all.


The best party host is a responsible host who helps to ensure guests are safe. Before you throw a bash, take our party host quiz to see how you score. Score 1 point for each item you do before, during, and after your party.

When planning a party, I…

During the party, I…

After the party, I…

How did you do? The higher your score, the better host you are. We hope you’ll consider these guidelines to keep your party fun and safe for everyone involved.


We would like to acknowledge the University of Wisconsin’s PACE coalition, the source from which many of the guidelines provided here were adopted. 


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