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AlcoholEdu for College and Haven

First year and transfer students are required to complete AlcoholEdu and Haven before the fall semester begins. Students can take the courses online starting Wednesday, July 20th. The deadline to complete Part 1 of both courses is Wednesday August 24th.

  • Loyola values the health and well-being of every student. Whether you choose to drink or not, are over 21, or have taken this program before, the information provided in these programs helps build a more knowledgeable and prepared community. All incoming students (including transfer students who took this course at their previous institution) are required to take AlcoholEdu and Haven before starting at Loyola.
  • Federal law also requires all universities to educate their students on alcohol, other drugs, and gender-based violence.


  • AlcoholEdu for College is an online educational program proven to help reduce high-risk drinking and alcohol-related harm among college students.

After completing AlcoholEdu for College you will:

  • Know how to make responsible choices around alcohol. This will help ensure you succeed academically and personally, and help contribute to the safety of the Loyola community.
  • Get tips on how to help a friend if they have had too much to drink or are in a not-so-good situation involving alcohol or other drugs.
  • Learn about the reality of alcohol consumption at Loyola and other college campuses.
  • Learn about Loyola specific policies and resources around alcohol and other drug use

Haven addresses relationships, sexual health, consent, and sexual assault. You will get definitions and statistics, active bystander strategies, information on Loyola's Community Standards, and resources. The course is personalized for each of you, based on your responses.  

After completing Haven you will:

  • Be able to define sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.
  • Be aware of ways that you can make a difference around gender-based violence.
  • Be equipped to recognize potentially dangerous, real-life scenarios  
  • Have an understanding of the role alcohol plays around consent.
  • Have information about the resources available on campus.

Login instructions for both programs will be emailed to your LUC.edu email account on July 20th.

Note: To receive credit for taking the courses, you MUST enter your 11-digit LUC student ID # when registering for the courses.

If you have any technical issues with the course, use the help button located within the course for tech support. For more general questions about AlcoholEdu and Haven or completion status, email alcoholedu@luc.edu.  ‌