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Student experiences at Loyola–personal interactions, opportunities and the overall environment—create new and exciting choices. Alcohol is a significant issue for students, and they regularly face choices about it, sometimes difficult ones. Loyola's "Choice. Control. Character." initiative is intended to support students in making safe and healthy decisions about alcohol that will help them maintain control and build character.

Through its Campus Coalition for Alcohol Initiatives, Loyola is forming partnerships with its staff, faculty, students, and the neighboring community to reduce the harm related to drinking—physical, academic, emotional, social or legal. The Campus Coalition for Alcohol Initiatives recognizes the importance of a comprehensive plan that includes educational and intervention strategies to meet individual student needs as well as strategies to reshape the campus and community environment in which students make decisions about alcohol.

The "Safety Net Coalition" initiative includes:

  • Creation or improvement of campus alcohol policies
  • Prevention education
  • Interventions
  • Environmental modifications

The university expects for students to follow Illinois state law and Loyola's alcohol policy, and we enforce those policies. However, students are young adults who have the freedom and responsibility to make their own decisions, and they often consume alcohol even when it conflicts with the law. Our goal is to reduce alcohol-related harms by creating an environment that promotes responsibility, healthy choices, self-control and good character when making decisions regarding alcohol use.

The "Safety Net Coalition" communications plan was conceptualized by three Loyola students, Mary Chavez, Allison Gannon and Emily Van Camp, who were members of a public relations class in the Communications Department in the spring of 2006.