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  • Chemistry Professor Awarded for Sustainability Work

    Chemistry Professor Patrick L. Daubenmire has been recognized for his work in bringing sustainability into chemistry classrooms. Dr. Daubenmire is one of four recipients of the 2015 Award for Incorporation of Sustainability into Chemistry Education, a prestigious award from the American Chemical Society and its Committee on Environmental Improvement.
  • Anthropology Professor Explores Violence, Community in Brazil

    Anthropology and Latin American Studies Professor Benjamin Penglase recently published a new book on the effect of violence on the lives of Brazilians living in squatter communities near Rio de Janeiro. Living with Insecurity in a Brazilian Favela: Urban Violence and Daily Lives is now available through Rutgers University Press.
  • Spotlight

    Art from the heart

    When Mercedes Inez Martinez (BA ‘11) walks into the classes she teaches at John Barry Elementary School, her main goal is to help children learn music and performance; but Martinez also passes on her knowledge of Latino culture.
  • Michelle Nickerson Talks Sunbelt Rising

    Check out Professor Michelle Nickerson talking about her groundbreaking anthology on the Sunbelt (now out in paperback) on an inaugural podcast for a new series by the Urban History Association.
  • Ellie Shermer Granted Prestigious Russell Sage Foundation Fellowship

    Assistant Professor Elizabeth Tandy Shermer will be spending the 2014-15 academic year as a Visiting Fellow of the Russell Sage Foundation. She will be working on her new book, The Business of Education: The Corporate Transformation of America's Public Universities.
  • Distinguished Scholar Award presented to Professor Steve Jones

    During the January 2014 MLA meeting in Chicago, Steve Jones was presented with the Keats-Shelley Association's Distinguished Scholar Award.
  • Students Curate Exhibit on Campus Activism in the 1980s

    As students in Dr. Dina Berger’s Cold War in the Americas course (HIST 300) have learned this fall semester, the Cold War was just as hot in the Western Hemisphere as it was in Europe and Asia. Dr. Berger’s course offered students the unique opportunity to learn about the Cold War in Latin America by developing an exhibit based on materials held at the University Archives.
  • Loyola University Army ROTC cadet is ranked #8 in the nation

    Each Fall Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) ranks graduating senior cadets from around the country. These cadets are listed through the Order of Merit List (OML). This year Kevin T. Filip, an Army ROTC cadet from Loyola University Chicago earned the number eight position in the prestigious top 10, out of 5,478 graduating cadets.
  • A lifetime achievement award for Dr. Frank Fennell

    Dr. Frank Fennell, long-time faculty member in the Department of English and Dean of CAS from 2008-2012, was the recipient of the Newbridge Silver Literary Award this past summer for lifetime contributions to scholarship on the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins.
  • Professor profile

    Daubenmire recognized for teaching first-year students

    Patrick Daubenmire is one of four professors who received Loyola’s Excellence in Teaching Freshmen Award. Here, he talks about his love of chemistry and how his Jesuit professors in college inspired him to become a teacher.
  • New Book by Professor Steve Jones

    In The Emergence of the Digital Humanities, Steve Jones, Professor of English and Co-Director of the Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities, examines the shift in our relationship to digital technology and the ways that it has affected humanities scholarship and the academy more broadly.
  • New Director for Bioinformatics

    Dr. Catherine Putonti, Associate Professor, is the new director for Bioinformatics. Dr. Putonti joined Loyola in 2007 with a joint appointment in the departments of Biology and Computer Science. Loyola University Chicago offers one of the few undergraduate programs in Bioinformatics across the nation and within this rigorous program, Dr. Putonti plans to further enhance the research experience for students by expanding opportunities beyond the campus.
  • Dina Berger appointed new Program Director for Latin American Studies

    CAS welcomes Dr. Dina Berger as the new director of Latin American Studies. Berger (Ph.D. and M.A., University of Arizona; B.A., Tulane University) is an Associate Professor in the Department of History where she teaches courses on Latin American history and U.S.-Latin American relations.
  • Jasper Cragwell takes leadership role as director of M/MLA

    On July 1, Associate Professor Jasper (Jack) Cragwall, Department of English, became the new Executive Director of the Midwest Modern Language Association. The Midwest Modern Language Association (M/MLA) is the regional affiliate of the nationwide Modern Language Association. By providing the institutional home for the M/MLA, Loyola demonstrates its deep commitment to the study of the Humanities.
  • Profile

    Loyola Psychology Professor Presents Research at Congressional Exhibit

    Loyola Psychology Professor, Dr. Catherine Haden, discussed her current research that focuses on parent-child interaction and building a child’s interest in STEM (Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering).
  • Dr. Arthur Lurigio appointed Senior Associate Dean in CAS

    Dr. Arthur J. Lurigio, a psychologist, and Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology and of Psychology, was recently appointed Senior Associate Dean for Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Lurigio will continue to focus on faculty affairs for the College, while also directing new initiatives.
  • Dr. Asim Gangopadhyaya named as next Associate Dean for Planning and Resources

    The Dean's Office of the College of Arts & Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Asim Gangopadhyaya has been appointed as the next Associate Dean for Resources and Planning.
  • Professor Elliott Gorn elected to Society of American Historians

    Elliott J. Gorn, Joseph A. Gagliano Professor of Urban History at Loyola University Chicago, has been elected to the Society of American Historians. Gorn is among a small and select number of authors to be nominated this year by the Society.
  • Congratulations to the Class of 2013

    The College of Arts & Sciences congratulates its graduating class of 2013. Four years ago, our students embarked on an education that supported individual efforts to think beyond the standard formula for success and to embrace a dynamic worldview.
  • USDA grant provides $1.6M for Integrated Crop Pollination Project

    Environmental Sciences assistant professor, Kelly Garbach, is part of a nation-wide team that received a 1.6 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  • Elliott Gorn talks Mother Jones, Dillinger, and Emmett Till

    The Department of History welcomed historian Elliott Gorn to Loyola this academic year. This video highlights his research on three key stories that underscore American history; two of these stories relate directly to Chicago. We welcome Professor Gorn to the faculty and look forward to his teaching, research, and involvement in the Loyola community.
  • Political Science professor Molly M. Melin receives grant

    Congratulations to Molly M. Melin, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, for receiving her fourth, and largest, grant from the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden to fund the project The Networks of Conflict Management.
  • From the Blog

    Chemistry alum leaves lasting legacy

    Loyola University Chicago’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has received its largest single donation from the late Robert R. Otremba (BS ‘49, MS ‘63), a Chicagoan and Loyola alumnus. Mr. Otremba donated more than $2.5 million for the Robert R. Otremba Scholarship Fund, which was officially received by the department in early fall 2012. The scholarship is for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in chemistry and in need of financial assistance.
  • From the Blog

    Newhart Family Theatre dedicated

    During Homecoming Weekend 2012, the University officially christened The Newhart Family Theatre with a dedication ceremony that included performances by Loyola students and remarks from Loyola President and CEO Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., and the Newhart family, including alum and comedian Bob Newhart.
  • Professor Penny Livermore holds #1 spot with Rate My Professors

    Rate My Professors, a commonly frequented site for college students, recently awarded Loyola faculty member Dr. Penny Livermore (Department of Classical Studies) with the number one position ranked by students.
  • Dr. Cristina Lombardi-Diop joins team of Interdisciplinary Program Directors

    Dr. Cristina Lombardi-Diop, Lecturer in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and Women's Studies and Gender Studies, was appointed the Interim Director of the Rome Studies Minor.
  • New book by Professor Jack Cragwall

    Jasper Cragwall's new book, Lake Methodism: Polite Literature and Popular Religion in England, 1780–1830, reveals the traffic between Romanticism’s rhetorics of privilege and the most socially toxic religious forms of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

New role for DPFA Chair

Faculty Highlights: John Allen Williams receives Morris Janowitz Career Achievement Award

Faculty Highlights: John Allen Williams receives Morris Janowitz Career Achievement Award

When entering professor John (“Jay”) Williams’s office, one encounters memorabilia, both serious and humorous, that reflects his nuanced experience with teaching, research, and hands-on experience in the field of political science for the past 30 years. But these visual icons also reflect on the deeper level of work and scholarship dedication to the study of foreign policy, especially military studies: Williams is often in the thick of issues, controversies, and solutions. As Loyola's resident expert in this area, in the fall of 2013, he was awarded the distinguished Morris Janowitz Career Achievement Award by the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society (IUS).  Named after Morris Janowitz, one of the founders of military sociology and the contemporary study of civil-military relations, this award underscores Williams’s teaching and professional contributions to the study of U.S. national security and civil-military relations. Williams is the immediate past chair and president of the IUS, and is on the Board of Directors of the Pritzker Military Museum and Library located in Chicago. Williams is a retired Captain in the U.S.  Navy Reserve, with 30 years of commissioned service. For more information on his career, please visit his Faculty Profile webpage. We congratulate Professor Williams on this distinguished and well-deserved career award.

Dr. Brophy to Participate in Rising Star Workshop in South Africa

Dr. Brophy to Participate in Rising Star Workshop in South Africa

Dr. Juliet Brophy has been accepted to participate in the Rising Star Workshop at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Johannesburg, South Africa in May/June 2014. Rising Star is a recently discovered site that produced over 1200 early fossil hominin elements. The Centre of Excellence in PalaeoSciences and the Evolutionary Studies Institute at Wits is holding a workshop to study and describe this material. Dr. Brophy will document the occlusal morphology and cuspal arrangement of the Rising Star hominin teeth and compare these teeth to her database of South African australopithecine and South and East African early Homo teeth. The aim of this research is to help establish the phylogenetic relationships of the Rising Star material relative to other hominins.

Meet the three new Ricci Scholars who will study abroad next year

Professor Molly Melin Goes Beyond Lectures to Engage and Intrigue Students

Molly Melin Award

Political Science Professor Molly Melin does more than just lecture. From board games to Facebook groups, she’s finding new and creative ways to engage her students in politics and international relations.  In fact, Dr. Melin has recently been awarded with the Provost’s Award for Teaching Freshmen. The award seeks to highlight instructors who teach 100 level classes and demonstrate a high level of commitment to building community among freshmen students.

As a professor, Dr. Melin says she aims to create a dynamic learning environment for students in the classroom. “While lectures enable the dissemination of information to many students at once, they create passivity among students and exceed their ability to focus,” she said. Even faced with large class sizes, Dr. Melin encourages class participation and uses varying methods of teaching and testing techniques.

She also knows how to think outside of the box to more fully engage her students in the subject matter. One activity she uses is Diplomacy, a strategy based board game set in pre WWI Europe. Students in her classes also get the opportunity to join a class Facebook group to share current events and relevant articles, which she hopes will help “more reserved students” voice their opinions and encourage active thinking.

In addition to creating a dynamic classroom, Dr. Melin has also taken great steps to make academic research more appealing to freshmen students. Seeing no dividing line between research and teaching, she integrates political science research into her classes by discussing research journals, grants, and some of her current projects with her students. She also encourages students to go beyond the classroom by offering extra credit for students who attend research talks on campus. “A good teacher should demystify the process of social research,” she said, “showing that social science is not a collection of hard facts but rather is alive with puzzles and new areas of research.”

For sophomore Aaron Macchietto, Dr. Melin’s creative approach to teaching has made all the difference. As a freshman last year, Macchietto took Dr. Melin’s PLSC 102 class – International Relations in an Age of Globalization. His fondest memory was a group presentation at the end of the semester that allowed him and his classmates to step into the shoes of policymakers.

“She had us present strategies to negotiate a hostage situation,” he said. “It really forced us to apply our textbook knowledge in a real world situation.”

In fact, Macchietto found himself so interested in the world of government and diplomatic officials that he soon decided to become a political science major. He says Dr. Melin’s class played a huge role in his decision.

Macchietto is only one of the many students Melin has shown great cura personalis – care of the whole person – towards. She regularly mentors graduate and undergraduate students, giving them both academic and professional advice. She has remained in contact with many of her former students who have since graduated.

“As a faculty member, it is often easy to allow students to drift in and out of our classroom with very little personal connection,” Dr. Melin said. “I strive to make that personal connection, as students are only likely to gain passion for the materials we teach if we exude passion for both the material and our students.”

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