Loyola University Chicago

College of Arts & Sciences

Sujack Awards

The Edwin T. and Vivijeanne F. Sujack Awards for Teaching Excellence were established in 1994 in order to take special notice each year of two outstanding teachers in the College of Arts and Sciences. These awards recognize superb teaching of undergraduate students. Faculty winners receive both a plaque and cash award, the latter at a ceremony in April of each year. In addition, each faculty member's home department receives a cash award to be used in support of activities that will embrace teaching at the department level.

Recipients of the award seem to have a common dynamic presence in the classroom, a willingness to try new ways of teaching, and a devotion to students that goes well beyond the call of duty. They embody the Jesuit ideal of higher education in their dedication to high standards, to critical thinking, and to the principle that knowledge must be put to the benefit of humanity.

Faculty members awarded the Sujack Award for Teaching Excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences include:

Jonathan Bougie, Assistant Professor, Physics
Aana Marie Vigen, Associate Professor, Theology

Catherine Poutonti, Assistant Professor, Biology and Computer Science
Peter Schraeder, Professor, Political Science

Jutta Heler, Lecturer, Biology
Peter Sanchez, Professor, Political Science

Harveen Mann, Associate Professor, English
George K. Thiruvathukal, Associate Professor, Computer Science

Daniel Graham, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Scott Leon, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Kathleen Adams, Professor, Anthropology
Emma Rosi-Marshall, Assistant Professor, Biology and Natural Science

Renee Engeln-Maddox, Instructor, Psychology
Gordon Ramsey, Professor, Physics

William French, Associate Professor, Theology
Jeffry Mallow, Professor, Physics

Denis Heyck, Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
William Wasserman, Associate Professor, Biology

Daniel Amick, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Asim Gangopadhyaya, Professor, Physics

Howard Laten, Professor, Biology
Anne Sutter, Associate Professor, Psychology

James Calcagno, Professor, Anthropology
James Johnson, Professor, Psychology

Patrick Boyle, Associate Professor, Political Science
Susan Cavallo, Professor, Modern Languages

Anne Figert, Associate Professor, Sociology
Alan Gitelson, Professor, Political Science

Lee Artz, Associate Professor, Communication
Linda Heath, Professor, Psychology

Tracy Pintchman, Associate Professor, Theology
John Smarrelli, Professor, Biology

Bren Murphy, Associate Professor, Communication
David Slavsky, Associate Professor, Natural Sciences

Mary Boyd, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Richard Westley, Professor, Philosophy

Robert Bucholz, Associate Professor, History
Eugene Zechmeister, Professor, Psychology