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Student Employment Work-Study


Engaged Learning Credit

Internship Courses & Student Employment

Since the 2011-2012 Academic Year, students with qualified Student Employment positions, either on-campus or in the CBFWS program, may be eligible to enroll in UNIV 390: Internship Seminar in Organizational & Community Leadership. This course fufills the University's "Engaged Learning" requirement while it helps the students reach a deeper level of understanding about skills, values, and experience development connected to his/her work through reflective writing and analysis from the micro and macro perspectives.

The course covers the following topics from the perspective of the student intern/employee:

  • Leadership
  • Asset-based Community Development
  • Organizational Change
  • Career Development

Students interested in taking this course, which is offered during Fall, Spring and the Summer, need to contact the instructor in order to receive permission to enroll and to provide evidence of a qualified student employment position. Qualified student employment positions are internship-like and are either on-campus or in the CBFWS program. Check LOCUS for the next term's UNIV 390 listing.

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