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Student Employment Week

Recognizing Student Employee Contributions

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2013 National Student Employment Week ♦ April 7-13, 2013 

Each year over 3,300 colleges and universities across the country recognize the importance of the student work experience during National Student Employment Week. Student employment offers students career-enhancing opportunities, the ability to develop skills relevant in any career, and better preparation for the job market upon graduation.

A primary motivation for student employment is the need to help pay for their education and living expenses. Many students are able to earn needed income for their living, text book, and incidental expenses, thus reducing the debt burden so common with college graduates today.

Every Spring semester, we set aside a special week to draw the awareness of others, both on campus and off, to the contributions student employees make in the roles they fill. By celebrating this week, we hope all members of the Loyola community will reap the incidental benefits of increasing awareness of the service student employees provide as well as what student's gain from such employment experiences. 

Loyola celebrates this week and the Student Employment Program wants to help support you and your office during this time of celebration by providing support, fun contests, give-a-ways, buttons and so much more. We look forward to celebrating with you!

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