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Student Employment & Work-Study

Community Work-Study

Community Work-Study provides over 400 off-campus work-study jobs in 80 different local not-for-profit organizations who have been vetted by the Student Employment Coordinator. 

This program allows students the opportunity to earn a component of their financial aid award while developing critical employability skills within an internship-like experience that leaves them feeling a sense of real contribution to the community.  Student who work in the Community Work-Study program tend to remain with the same employer for 2 or more years and develop a strong sense of connection to the city of Chicago.


Student Information:

Community Partner Information:

  • Requires Annual Program Re-enrollment; NOTE: No new partners are being taken at this time (2015-2016) 
  • Student recruitment may happen via RamblerLink, Job Fairs or during a pre-scheduled on-campus visit
  • Position Descriptions are required for every position
  • Federal and Institutional policy compliance is required in order to remain a participant