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In addition to its many services and resources, the Career Development Center has identified a number of external websites that may be of help to you in your career planning or job search. The links below are just a sampling of what is available on the Internet.

Finding Your Major

Career Pathways

Loyola’s Career Pathways are managed by your career advising team and have been cultivated to cover the following topics:

Explore the profession by learning about:

  • Areas to specialize in/related professions
  • Links to career related resources
  • Professional organizations
  • Industry trends

Consider your pathway to this profession with:

  • Key questions to consider about the profession
  • Loyola University Chicago programs, requirements, and resources
  • Graduate school information

Get experience in this field/profession with job & internship resources

Career Pathways
Susan's Resources:
Keyalo's Resources:
Brigette's Resources:
Jon's Resources:
 Sarah's Resources:

Check back as additional career pathways
will be added.

Career Planning