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Learning How to Network

Finding Networking Contacts

Talking to people and learning from their experiences shouldn’t have to be a formal process or one you practice only when job hunting. There are numerous resources available enabling you to pinpoint the people you’d like to contact.

  • Loyola alumni are an excellent source of information and you are guaranteed to have at least one thing in common: Loyola. This link creates a less stressful atmosphere in which to network and therefore may be a more informative opportunity. The Loyola Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network is available online through LinkedIn. To access the network you must complete the alumni networking requirements as set by the Loyola Alumni Association and the Career Development Center.

  • Faculty can be a wealth of information about specific disciplines they have encountered through their research or community involvement. Faculty are also often a good resource for those considering attending graduate school. Friends, faculty, supervisors, co-workers, coaches and acquaintances.

  • Chat with people casually--on a plane or bus, while waiting in lines, at social gatherings, etc.

  • Join a professional organization in your field and get involved. Most people enjoy talking about the work they do. Curiosity can open a lot of doors.

  • People you have heard about: lecturers, employers, prominent people in the community, etc.

  • Internet resources such as discussion groups, social networking sites, and blogs.

  • Volunteer activities help you make connections in a particular industry or field, as well as get a foot in the door.

Other Resources