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Interview Questions

Commonly Asked Interview Questions – Traditional Interview

Following are some typical questions asked by employers. Practice your responses and prepare answers which offer a brief, results-oriented view of your experience and skills.

Behavioral Interviewing

Behavioral Based Interviewing was developed as an objective measure of a candidate’s past performance. By asking about how someone has acted/reacted to a given situation in the past, an interviewer can get a clear picture of how that candidate will likely act in a similar situation in the future. Some companies will ask behavioral questions in addition to the more traditional questions.

Suggestions for Questions You Might Ask the Interviewer

What to Ask in an Informational Interview

Remember an informational interview is your chance to learn about a certain career or company, it is not an employment interview and you must NOT ask for a job. You may, however ask some questions that might not be appropriate during an employment interview. Following are some possible questions that you can ask in this type of interview:

What to Do When Asked an Inappropriate Question

It can be an uncomfortable situation when asked an inappropriate or illegal question pertaining to such topics as race, nationality, religion, age, or marital status, especially if you are interviewing for a position that you really want. It is important to assess what kind of information an employer is seeking in asking these questions. For example, if an employer asks if you are planning on having children, they may be interested in whether or not you will be able to travel. You can address this issue in an interview without having to answer the question. For instance, a possible reply could be “Well, if you are worried about whether or not I will be available for business trips the answer is yes, I will be able to travel.” This can effectively convey the necessary information that the employer was interested in and direct the line of questioning away from the inappropriate topic.

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