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Loyola University Chicago

Campus Transportation

Loyola Lots and Garages

C - Commuter Permit
E - Employee Permit
O - Overnight Permit
R - Resident Permit
V - Visitor

P1 - Main Structure (V, C, R, E)
P2 - Fordham Garage (V, C, R, E)
P3 - West Loyola Lot (C, E)
P4 - Northend Lot (O, R)
P5 - Bellarmine Lot (R)
P6 - Market Lot (Special Permission ONLY)
P7 - Loyola Hall Lot (Special Permission ONLY)
P8 - Hoyne Lot (Special Permission ONLY)
P9 - LeMoyne Lot (R)
P10 - Fairfield Lot (R)
P11 - Seattle Lot (R)
P12 - Xavier Lot (Special Permission ONLY)
P13 - Messina Lot (R)
P14 - Spring Hill Lot (R)
P15 - Canisius Lot (R)
P16 - Marquette Lot (R)
P17 - Marquette South Lot (R)
P18 - East Marquette Lot (R)


Campus Transportation
Loyola University Chicago
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