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Spring 2016

GFIT Information Packet 2016 PDF 

Group Fitness Instructor Training (GFIT)

What is the GFIT Program?

GFIT is a training program that allows Loyola University Chicago students the ability to become Halas Group Fitness Instructors. Over the course of the spring semester, trainees will learn the practical skills needed to lead an effective and safe fitness class through 12-16 hours of practical teaching experience alongside a certified Group Fitness Instructor.

In addition to 12-16 hours of practical teaching experience, trainees will attend weekly lectures to cover theoretical knowledge needed to pass the national exam and to teach a safe and effective group fitness class.

What does it cost?

The cost of the program is $25.00 and covers your printed handouts/manuals

What are the other costs associated with the training program?

All instructors have to maintain a national certification and/or certificate. The GFIT program is designed to prepare you for the exam as well as provide you the tools necessary to teach a safe and effective fitness class. Once you complete (or are near completing) the program, you can register for national certification or certificate program that aligns with your specialty. The cost of your national certification varies depending on your area of interest.

Do I have to pick just one class to GFIT under?

Yes. It is easier to learn to instruct a class when you have only one format to focus on. After you pass your national exam, you are welcome to broaden your classes but during the GFIT process, we ask you focus on one specialty. You will have the option to do observational hours under a different format, so there are options to cross train.

What is the timeline for the G-FIT Program?

January 29th: Applications due.

February 1-5th: Interviews. All GFIT candidates will have an interview . Interviews last approximately 20-30 minutes. We have a limited number of spots available in the GFIT program for the Spring 2016 and interviews are the way placements are determined.

February 5th: Applicants are notified of their admittance into the GFIT Program.

February 10th: Program registration money due.

February 8th: GFIT candidates begin observations.

February 15th - 19th: GFIT candidate observes class from a co-teacher perspective.

February 22nd - 28th: GFIT candidates begin teaching first segment of class. Teaching lasts approximately 5-12 minutes under supervision of the class instructor.

February 29th - March 18th: GFIT candidates begin teaching first and second segments of class. Teaching lasts approximately 10-15 minutes under supervision of the class instructor.

March 21st – April 1st: GFIT candidates teach one half (1/2) of the class under the supervision of the class instructor.

April 3rd – April 15th: GFIT candidates are teaching three quarters (3/4) of the class.

April 18th - 29th: GFIT candidates teach the entire length of the class under the supervision of the class instructor.

Program Director and/or Group Fitness Instructor Leads will schedule your practical interview between April 25th - May 6th.

What is the time commitment?

All GFIT candidates are paired with an instructor trainer. As a GFIT candidate, you are required to attend that class every week, just as if you were the instructor. In addition to the 45-60 minute weekly class time, we ask that you take 1-2 other classes a week to get a sense of other formats, teaching style, and cueing. There will also be a weekly lecture/activity lasting approximately 2 hours. Total time commitment is approximately 4-5 hours per week.

When is the weekly lecture?

Lectures are Fridays from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm February 12 – April 1st.

What if I want to teach Zumba, Turbo Kick, Insanity, or Yoga?

Those are specialty certifications. If you are interested in instructing one of those classes, you will have to obtain the certification first. Then you will contact April at the email address below and set up an abbreviated mentorship program that will last approximately 2-6 weeks. Once you have completed the mentorship program and practical interview we will have a formal interview. If you are interested in teaching Yoga, email April at aboulte@luc.edu to set up a meeting to discuss your best options.

What is a practical interview?

A practical interview is a sample class. The candidate will teach a class to the Program Director and other instructors. This is the chance for the candidate to showcase his/her skills. Every instructor must complete a practical interview during the interview process in order to be hired.

How much does the national certification exam cost?

Depending on which certification or certificate you take, the cost will vary. Generally, the cost is between $250-$300.

Will this extend beyond Loyola?

Many of our instructors teach at gyms, fitness centers, and clubs after graduation. Your national certification or certificate is recognized by other gyms nationwide.

I’m a senior. Can I still participate?

You are welcome to apply, but preference is given to underclassmen.

I’m not a student. Can I participate?

Sadly, no. We are only admitting Loyola University Chicago Students.

If I completed this program, when will I begin teaching?

You will be eligible to on the Group Fitness Schedule starting in the Summer of 2016 or Fall 2016 depending on schedule and availability.

What is the next step?

The next step is to fill out an application. You will need to log in using your university ID and password to complete the application.

GFIT Information Packet 2016 PDF

Questions?  Contact April at aboulte@luc.edu