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I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Matthew 25:35).


As the first person most worshippers see when they gather for Mass, greeters welcome people to the liturgical assembly and give them the information necessary for them to actively participate in the liturgy. By helping the assembly to welcome others and to respond to minor emergencies during the liturgy, greeters see Christ in the face of the stranger and practice Christian charity.


  • Arrive at least fifteen minutes before Mass.
  • Welcome worshippers and distribute the orders of service.
  • Take up the monetary collection.
  • Respond to minor emergencies as they arise.
  • Check the seating area after Mass and discard any refuse.
  • On occasion, help shuttle worshippers to the chapel.
  • Answer basic questions about the art, architecture, and history of the chapel.


After attending a training session and with the ongoing guidance of the Coordinator of Liturgy, greeters will:

  1. Consistently display a welcoming attitude towards all those who gather for the liturgy.
  2. Respond to minor emergencies by quickly contacting the appropriate responders.
  3. Relate the high points of the chapel’s sacred art, architecture, and history to those who inquire.


Greeters will be trained by the Liturgy Coordinator and must attend at least one training session before they serve.


Greeters must arrive at least fifteen minutes before Mass and may stay about ten minutes after the assembly has left.


  • Friendly and outgoing personality.
  • Love for the liturgy and the chapel community.
  • Ability to arrive at least fifteen minutes before the beginning of the liturgy.
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate for the sacred liturgy (“Sunday best”).
  • Attend a training session scheduled during each semester.

Fill out the Getting Involved Form to get started. For more information contact Dr. John Paul Salay, Coordinator of Liturgy and RCIA.