Loyola University Chicago

Campus Ministry

Division of Student Development

Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) 2013

Dates: 8/19–8/22/2013

Cost: $125.00 (financial assistance available)

Sponsored by: Leadership Development & Second Year Initiatives

Description: Join us for a powerful experience designed to enhance your leadership skills and connect you with a community of students who are dedicated to working collaboratively for the purpose of creating positive social change. The diverse group of motivated students who have participated in the “LEAD for Change” program in past years have been fully immersed in an experience that has fostered increased self-awareness, contributed to the development of skills that support effective work in groups, and provided opportunities to explore the relationship between leadership and social change. After the program, students have remained connected with each other, and have become involved in virtually all aspects of campus life.


"I am really happy with my decision to go on this retreat! It was not only though-provoking, but also a great way to meet some amazing people. I would recommend this retreat to other students because the activities are well organized and super enjoyable. You will constantly be entertained and challenged."

"I liked that we formed a very tight-knit community in addition to finding our strengths in Leadership… We all started at a common point of not knowing what to expect, and as we went through the LEAD experience, we all trusted each other and genuinely created bonds of friendship that not many people can say that they have. We're not just friends; we're family."

"I absolutely loved this retreat. I have done many leadership events before in and out of school. This one did a really good job of letting myself and the rest of the group explore their own part in leadership and then put it in action."

"I came back to campus a new person after the LEAD retreat. I was able to quickly connect with peers and discover the leadership qualities within me."


Register now—All retreats filled last year and space is limited. Don't miss out! For special accommodations, please contact Lauren Schwer, lschwer@luc.edu. We do our best to accommodate all interested students.

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