Loyola University Chicago

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Interfaith Advocate Team

Meet our 2013-2014 Interfaith Advocate Team!

Interfaith Ally Trainers

Yatri Desai, Hindu

Determination creates: awareness, hard-work, efficiency, success

Tahseen Khaleel, Muslim

Be endless in mercy and understanding.


Nojan Rastegar, Bahai

Serve community spiritual empowerment youth nobility

Sukhbir Thind, Sikh

Life's a race, keep moving forward.

Beenish Zaman, Muslim

Large Programs

Valbona Bajrami, Muslim

Let faith be greater than fear

Shahina Gantiwala, Muslim

Peace, Equality, Justice, Care, Dedication, Cooperation

Suleyman Khaleel, Muslim

You're always wiser than you were.

Jill Kreider, Hellenistic Pagan

Give offerings and serve the gods

Adam Mogilevsky, Jewish

This unique journey begins with you

Emily Poynton, Catholic

The world is community; engage intentionally

Mitali Shah, Jain

Belief makes things real always. Hope.

Ask Big Question Facilitators

Bilal Ashraf, Muslim

Life, Mistake, Compensate, Growth, Acceptance, Death

Sydney Hammuck, Non-Denominational Christian

I choose to love and smile

Khyati Mehta, Hindu

Phil Nahlik, Catholic

Wondrously experiencing hope in others' viewpoints

Student Coordinator

Maneshwar Singh, Sikh

Always spread smiles and be yourself.