Loyola University Chicago

Campus Ministry

Ask Big Questions Program

Who Inspires You?


When: February 3rd and 4th from 11-3pm

Where: Tabling Area near Damen Student Center Information desk

Why: We are inspired by people but we rarely get a chance to let people know it. Take a moment to stop, reflect, and share why a classmate, professor, or someone else on campus has made an impact on your life.


Ask Big Question Dinner Dialogues



Join our Ask Big Question Student Leaders for dinner and conversation based on the following topics. We’ll supply the pizza and beverages. You help us with the conversation!


All of our Dinner Dialogues this semester will be at 7pm. On Tuesdays they will be held in Damen 122 and on Wednesday in the Resource Room next to Campus Ministry, Damen 232.

January 21 – Weds - When are you satisfied?

January 27 – Tues - What will you do better this year?

February 10 – Tues - What does winning mean to you?

February 18 – Weds - When do you take a stand?

February 24 – Tues - When do you feel secure?

March 11 – Weds - Who represents you?

March 17 – Tues - Are we free?

March 25 – Weds - What do we assume?

March 31 – Tues - Why Bother?

April 8 – Weds - How are we seen?

April 14 – Tues - How do we connect?

April 22 – Weds - What will your legacy be?