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2013-2014 CLC Coordinators


Thomas Baran

Tom Baran CLC Coordinator PhotoI am Tom Baran, a sophomore studying history and secondary education at Loyola. I have never been on a plane before, but soon will be when I fly to Chile to study abroad in the Spring 2014 semester! My favorite part of Spanglish CLC is being able to openly share my feelings and opinions about God, Jesus, and our Christian faith in a welcoming, bi-lingual environment (where I can practice my Spanish!).


Emily Cybulla

Emily Cybulla Coordinator PhotoMy name is Emily, and I am in my third year at Loyola studying biochemistry with the intention of pursuing medical school following my undergraduate studies. I am originally from a small town in Northern Michigan, where I lived with my parents, my younger brother, and my puppy, Hudson. I joined a CLC during the fall semester of my freshmen year and loved the family that I formed with my fellow CLC members. I have particularly enjoyed getting to know members of other CLC’s through Project Merry Christmas and various retreats. I took ballet lessons for thirteen years before coming to Loyola, and I recently discovered that I like to golf. 


Emelia Gleber

Emelia Gleber Coordinator PhotoMy name is Emelia Gleber and I am a junior studying Theology.  My CLC was one of my favorite things that I did last year; I really love the CLC community.  I read a lot, for school and for fun, and I have an infectious laugh that I love to use.


Amy Jurczak

Amy Jurczak Coordinator Photo‌My name is Amy and I am a senior at Loyola studying psychology and bioethics.  I have lived in the Chicago area my entire life and absolutely love it.  I have been in CLC since I was a freshmen, when I was looking to deepen my faith and build more relationships. It has lead me to super-fun retreat experiences, a fuller relationship with God and relationships with truly inspirational and amazing people within the Loyola community.  When I'm not working with ministry, I like socializing/ studying at the IC and knitting.


Haleigh Martin

Haleigh Martin Coordinator PhotoMy name is Haleigh and I am a junior studying English, Secondary Education, and Pastoral Leadership. Last year was my first year in a CLC and the small, family atmosphere was exactly what I needed each week. I hope to bring this to my new CLC and to continue an "awkward moment of the week" segment as well. I enjoy riding my bike and learning Russian. 


Sebastian Negrete

Sebastian Negrete Coordinator PhotoMy name is Sebastian and I am a Senior at Loyola studying Nursing. My parents were born in Mexico, but I was born and raised in Chicago and currently work at Rush University Medical Center. I have been in the Spanglish CLC since it started in Spring 2012 of my sophomore year. My favorite thing about CLC is how much closer it has made me feel with God. The best way to worship God is through community, and we have a great one! An aspect of the Spanglish CLC that I love is that we come together and pray/discuss/reflect in English and Spanish!


Michael Noto

Mike Noto Coordinator PhotoMy name is Michael Noto and I am a senior at Loyola studying Criminal Justice and Political Science.  I am born and raised in Chicago and don't intend to ever leave! I have been involved in CLC since I was a freshmen and really love to closeness my teammates and I have developed on a more personal level through prayer. I have been a member of the Loyola rugby team for my entire college career. I like to write and read in my spare time, if I ever have any.


Vikky Perez

Vikky Perez Coordinator PhotoMy name is Vikky Perez and I am sophomore majoring in Special Education. I was born here in Chicago and I'm from the northwest suburb of Des Plaines. I joined the Spanglish CLC last year when I got here to Loyola and have loved every minute of it since then. My favorite part of CLC is that no matter how different each member is, we all come together as brothers and sisters to share our love for Christ. I play soccer, I love kids, and when I grow up I want a pet pig.


Ian Rogers

Ian Rogers Coordinator PhotoMy name is Ian Rogers and I am a senior at Loyola studying Theology and Creative Writing with Italian and Catholic Studies. I love biking, reading, and trying (slowly) to learn German.  I have lived in and around Chicago my entire life, but just got back from living a semester in Rome last fall. I first joined a CLC after going to an Advocate meeting and being encouraged by members to deepen my faith while learning about the queer community on campus. Suffice to say, I loved it. Over the course of the year, my CLC taught me so much about what it means to be a gay man with Catholic faith. But the entire CLC community has done so much more! Friendship, the drive for social justice, and the love of God keeps me coming back to community year after year! 


Samantha Ropski

My name is Samantha Ropski and I am a junior studying Psychology and Theology with a minor in Catholic Studies at Loyola.  I spend a lot of my free time hanging out in campus ministry or working with Loyola's Refugee Outreach group on campus.  I have pet chickens at my family's home in Prospect Heights, Illinois and miss them a lot while I'm at school. I joined the CLC community during the first semester of my freshman year and consider those in it to be some of my closest friends. What I love most about CLC is that it has given me the opportunity to be a part of a warm, welcoming community of people while growing in my faith.  


Mary Simon

Mary Simon Coordinator PhotoMy name is Mary Simon and I am currently attacking my senior year at Loyola!  The past few years I have been studying sociology, political science, and Spanish!  I was born and raised in St. Louis (yes, I am a Cardinals fan).  This past summer I climbed four volcanos in Central America!  I have a huge, loving Lebanese family, and I love good music and good company.  I have been in a CLC since my sophomore year, and it has helped me guide my own path here at Loyola.  It helped me create a smaller family within my larger Loyola community, and it is safe place where I can grow in my relationship with God and others!  I can’t wait to spend time with all of you this upcoming year! 



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