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The following courses are offered or recommended in conjunction with the ABI program during the spring semester. These courses provide opportunities to deepen reflection and intellectual inquiry as well as promote informed activism and advocacy in response to immersion experiences. They are not required to go on an ABI.

SOCL 127: Social Analysis and Social Action

Spring Semester

Professor Kathleen Maas Weigert

This course is optional for students participating in a spring break domestic immersion.

What do we mean by the concepts “social analysis and social action”? How do these relate to theories of social justice that provide frameworks for addressing compelling issues in contemporary society? What does it mean to ‘practice’ social analysis and social action? This course will address these and other questions through readings, discussion, experiential learning activities, and direct/indirect service. All students are required to participate in either a spring (not summer) Alternative Break Immersion or Loyola4Chicago or provide between 3 and 4 hours per week of some other 10-week local service/community work agreed upon with the instructor. The aim is to better understand the communities and issues students will encounter. The course emphasizes the analysis of “social solutions” to social problems, in the context of social justice as well as personal reflection and action.

LASP 396: Special Topics: Human Rights in Latin America

Professor Ben Penglase

This spring semester course is recommended for students participating in the international immersion program.

This course will examine human rights in Latin America from a multi-disciplinary perspective.  It is organized around three themes.  First, we will ask: what are human rights?  What institutions, procedures and organizations have been set up to protect human rights, and what effects have these practices had? Second, we will analyze why human rights abuses have occurred, the effects abuses have had, and how Latin Americans have responded.  Third, we will examine human rights activism in several specific Latin American contexts.  Case studies will focus on Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador and the U.S.-Mexico border.


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