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Space Reservation Policy for Internal Loyola University Users

Loyola University Chicago seeks to provide program support, services, facilities, and amenities for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. These services are designed to facilitate the development of the Loyola University Chicago community by ensuring opportunities for participation and involvement for a diverse array of organizations, programs and activities. Loyola University Chicago provides meeting and programming facilities to support and enhance the academic and campus life experience in the Jesuit Tradition.

Reserving and cancelling space is an easy process.  If you would like to use indoor and/or outdoor space, you must agree to follow the Loyola University Chicago (LUC) rules, regulations, and policies as outlined in the Community Standards (www.luc.edu/osccr).  Users must also comply with appropriate state and federal laws.


General Information:

Rooms are available for you to reserve when it is not being used for University functions.  Campus departments and student organizations will be given first priority.   However, some rooms have restrictions based on academic use.  The option to reserve some of these spaces may not be available until a semester or a year before the event is to take place.  Special request to “hold” rooms will be considered but may not be guaranteed.  This must be confirmed through Campus Reservations.  Campus Reservation will work hard to accommodate all request, however last minute request for room set-ups may not be guaranteed on short notice.

List of Available Space:

The list below contains common space which may be reserved when not being used for All University functions. If the space has an (*), it must be reserved through building contact(s) which can be viewed at www.luc.edu/campus_reservations, accessible via our homepage, on the right-hand sidebar.  If you are interested in using available space on campus, please review the list below.  A detailed listing of each classroom is available at www.luc.edu/campus_reservations as well as photos of the rooms with set-ups for you to view which may assist with making a request for space. 

Lake Shore Campus

Water Tower Campus



Campus departments and student organizations should contact Campus Reservations at www.luc.edu/campus_reservations regarding facility availability, use, and reservations.  Requests by off-campus groups will be subject to availability and billed accordingly.  Off-campus groups must contact Conference Services at www.luc.edu/conference

Note: There are a variety of spaces available and you may need to consider this if your desired space is not available upon first request.




Once the space request form has been submitted through 25 Live, Campus Reservations will process your request.  If they have any questions or need additional information, they will contact you.  Please make sure you provide all of your contact information (phone number and email address).  If everything is in order with your request and the date and space is available, Campus Reservation will hold the date and space under your reservation and send an email confirmation to you.  Once a week, Campus Reservations will send a reminder email to users for events occurring within 2 weeks that were booked more than 3 weeks in advance. Once you receive the reminder email, you must respond to confirm or cancel your event.  If a response is not received within 3 business days, Campus Reservations may cancel the existing reservation and you will receive a receipt of this cancellation.  Reminder emails and confirmations are sent during regular business office hours.  Campus Reservations will make every effort to ensure you receive communication regarding your event.  For larger events/programs that may affect other events, spaces, dates and times, Campus Reservations will call you as well as send an email detailing all of your event information.  If do not respond to Campus Reservations and they are unsuccessful in reaching you though emails and phone calls to confirm your event after three attempts, Campus Reservations will cancel your event and send a cancellation email to you and follow up with a phone call.


As a reminder, in order for everyone to have an opportunity to use space for their event, Campus Reservations will send a reminder email to users for their event. Once you receive the email, you must respond to either confirm or cancel your event.  In order to cancel your event, you have two options:



If any of the items below occur, Campus Reservations will work with you to reschedule your event.


Special facilities and accommodations that your event may require:

Note: Please request confirmation of the order for equipment/services you’ve placed.


In order to assist you with the layout of your event,   please indicated on your reservation form how you would like the space to be set up.  The more information you provide, the better Campus Reservations can assist you.  There are many rooms within the reservation inventory system to choose from.  Some of the rooms (ex. Classrooms) are already set, and some rooms do not have stationary furniture and require a specific setup based on the event you are planning.  Below are a few examples of various types of basic room setups. (Please note: these are only examples of possible setups for you to use as a reference)


If you are planning an event that requires a large setup with extensive labor, equipment including staging and audio/visual requirements that exceed what is available in the space, fees will be assessed. Fees range from $25.00 to $200.00 depending on how extensive your setup will be and the resources required to ensure your event is executed and generally will apply to the multi-purpose space. Please let Campus Reservations know what your event requirements are so they can assist you.


Food and Beverages Policy at Student/University Sponsored Events

The safety and well-being of the Loyola community is of the utmost importance. To ensure the health and safety of all participants food prepared at home is prohibited for sale and/or distribution. Student organizations are encouraged to work with Loyola University Chicago’s food service provider, Aramark, when catering or providing food for the University community.  If the event requires unique catering that Aramark is unable to provide, the sponsors or organizers will be sent a list of requirements. These guidelines are imposed on us by the City’s Health Commissioner and may not be taken lightly.  (See Miscellaneous Information Page for these requirements.)

Event Security

For safety, security and convenience, Campus Safety and /or the Director, Facility Manager may conduct periodic rounds throughout the facilities.  They must be able to enter all space at any given time.  The Fire Marshal’s regulations require that doors to an event space must remain unlocked and free of obstruction while the event is in progress.  Campus Reservations and/or the Campus Safety shall solely determine and control security arrangements, including but not limited to, the type and number of security personnel and placement of that personnel.  Campus Safety reserves the right to require police and/or security personnel at events at the expense of the sponsoring organization.  Individuals who display disruptive, dangerous, or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave. 

In addition, all hallways and stairwells must be free and clear of unauthorized items.  An unauthorized item is defined as anything that is not a permanent fixture.  Easels, display boards, or other items are not to be stored in hallways and stairwells.

Event Time Regulations

Your event needs to occur within the parameters of the time allotted.  Organizers should anticipate the time needed for set-up within their original request.  Earlier start times may be requested provided there are no known conflicting events/meetings  scheduled.  In an effort to accommodate the growing segment of student organizations that require rehearsal and practice space, the number of reservations for certain spaces is limited to two reservations per week, with each reservation limited to three hours.


Students and their guests are expected to follow all local, state, and federal laws, as well as all University policies pertaining to the manufacture, possession, use, sale, and distribution of alcohol. Residential students and their guests are subject to additional regulations concerning alcohol in the Residence Halls (see, Alcohol, Residence Hall and Housing Policies 302(1), and JFRC Alcohol Policy 402(1)). Student organizations are subject to additional regulations concerning alcohol at organizational events (see, Alcohol, Other University Policies 523(1)). Students must properly dispose of all alcohol when requested by a University official. The following conduct is expressly prohibited regardless of age, except where otherwise specified:

See the Student Handbook.  Students can also refer to the following link for additional alcohol information.  http://www.luc.edu/ccc/policy/


Animals, other than those trained to assist with disabilities, are not permitted in any of the above rental spaces. 

Fog/Hazer Machines

Due to the fire suppression systems in University facilities, Fog/Hazer machines, and other like devices are prohibited.


Gambling (cash value), in any form is not permitted in University spaces. The University is prohibited from allowing gambling, raffles, or any form of illegal wagering, bookmaking, or unauthorized games or contests of chance on University premises or associated with a recognized student organization, including but not limited to University-sponsored functions, events in University residence halls, and sporting events, unless facilitated by a licensed third party vendor.  For the purposes of this policy, raffle means any event requiring a fee for a chance to win a prize. Additionally, students shall not knowingly provide information to assist any individual involved in any gambling activities.


The use of tobacco products is prohibited in the University facilities, including rental space, doorways, meeting rooms, restrooms, dining areas, etc.

Damage or excessive clean-up:

If damaged to property occurs, damage fees will be assessed, and the group/organization will be billed accordingly. Excessive cleanup may also result in additional fees.

Insurance for Student Sponsored Events

At Loyola University Chicago we want to ensure that you and your guests are protected against any unexpected accidents/ events that may occur during your time on campus.

It should be noted that only sponsored or registered student organizations and departments are covered under Loyola University Chicago’s insurance policy in the event of a claim. The nature and type of claim would determine actual coverage. If your student organization is working with a contracted external party it is expected you work with SAGA to arrange for “additional insured” coverage so a certificate of insurance evidencing their insurance coverage can be provided. (*Social Sororities and Fraternities see SFL Information section for additional insurance expectations.)

Helping Loyola Maintain all Space and Facilities

Loyola is a beautiful campus; however your assistance is needed in order for all of the space and facilities to remain a treasure to the University.  The following information below are guidelines that will assist in helping to maintain each space:

If you need assistance with approved signage, formats and placement, please speak to Campus Reservations at 773-508-8117 or visit www.luc.edu/campus_reservations.


Temporary Food Sales and Special Event Requirements:

Any sponsored event that includes food and beverages, not catered from the University’s caterer (Aramark) must adhere to the following guidelines to insure the safety and health of those attending.


The list below has been provided to illustrate the current setup in each space.

Auditorium/Theater Style Setup

Conference Style Setup

Open Space

Banquet/Luncheon/Reception/Dinning Setup

Multipurpose Rooms
(No standard setups apply to the spaces below.  Setups may vary based on individual events)

Please click here for step-by-step instructions on how to reserve and cancel a space reservation along with additional space information.


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