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Undergraduate School of Nursing ABSN Program

Tuition & Fees 2011-2012

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) Program


ABSN Cohort Beginning Spring 2011  
Full tuition (16-month program) $43,160.00
   Spring 2011 $10,790.00
   Summer 2011 $10,790.00
   Fall 2011 $10,790.00
   Spring 2012 $10,790.00
ABSN Cohort Beginning Fall 2011  
Full tuition (16-month program) $44,780.00
   Fall 2011 $11,195.00
   Spring 2012 $11,195.00
   Summer 2012 $11,195.00
   Fall 2012 $11,195.00
ABSN Cohort Beginning Spring 2012  
Full tuition (16-month program) $44,780.00
   Spring 2011 $11,195.00
   Summer 2011 $11,195.00
   Fall 2011 $11,195.00
   Spring 2012 $11,195.00


Mandatory Fees For All Cohorts
Student Activity Fee, per semester:
Registered for 12 or more hours
Registered from 6 to 11 hours
Registered from 1 to 5 hours

Technology Fee, per semester:
Registered for 12 or more hours
Registered for 6 to 11 hours
Registered from 1 to 5 hours

CTA U-Pass, per semester
   For eligibility, visit CTA U-Pass
Student Health Insurance Premium (ABSN students)
   For eligibility and information, visit Student Health Insurance


Other Undergraduate Billable Fees:   
Course and Supplies Fees for all Divisions As billed
Credit by Exam Fee, per credit hour $110.00
Graduation Feeupon registration $100.00
Discover Loyola Fee:
First-Year Program Fee: New Students
First-Year Program Fee: Fall Transfer Students
First-Year Program Fee: Spring Transfer Students



Fees for All Schools and Divisions
Breakage/Damage Fee in labs As billed
Judicial Fines As billed
Late Registration Fee (not refundable) $50.00
Late Payment Fee 1.5% monthly
Miscellaneous Charges As billed
Parking Permit Rates As billed
Parking Tickets/Fines As billed
Rambler Bucks As billed
Returned Check Fee $40.00
Room & Board Rates As billed
Room Damages Fees As billed

*Please note: all tuition and fees are subject to change


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