Loyola University Chicago

Bridge to Loyola

Summer 2014 Bridge Schedule


The official start to the Bridge to Loyola program is Thursday, July 8, 2015, and students will be required to attend the July 9–10 Loyola University Chicago Orientation. On July 8, students will check-in to the residence halls to receive their summer Bridge to Loyola housing assignments, meet with members of the Financial Aid and Office of the Bursar to discuss finances, and attend the Bridge Welcome Reception where students and parents will have the opportunity to learn more about the program, ask questions, and meet the Bridge to Loyola program faculty and staff.

After Freshmen Orientation, students will remain on campus to complete the Bridge to Loyola program through Friday, July 31. Completion of the Bridge to Loyola is required to continue as a student at Loyola University during the academic year. 

A sample week schedule is available here. Students should not make any outside commitments during the three-week program (including evenings and weekends).