Loyola University Chicago

Department of Biology

MA in Medical Sciences: Financial Assistance


A limited number of full-tuition scholarships may be available for students enrolled in the MA in Medical Sciences program. The primary criterion for awarding the scholarships will be financial need. Up to three students will be awarded the scholarships, which do not include student fees, books or living expenses. Applications for the scholarships will be made available to students who have been admitted to the program in the fall, and who are enrolled for classes.

In addition to need the applicant’s service record in clinical volunteering, social justice activities and academic performance will be considered in the final decision. Candidates applying for scholarships need to complete their full financial aid application. All students need to complete the FAFSA form to determine their financial need. Please visit the Office of Student Financial Assistance for FAFSA and loan information. Applications (including the scholarship application form) completed prior to May 15th are given priority during award deliberations.

Teaching Assistantships

Students in the MA in Medical Sciences program are not eligible for regular teaching assistantships or research assistantships, as their main focus must be on excelling in the prescribed curriculum. The Department of Biology hires a small number of MA Medical Science students on an hourly basis as teaching assistants in general biology. The Office of Student Financial Assistance has counselors dedicated to helping graduate students with loans.