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MA in Medical Sciences: Admission Requirements

Applicants who are a good fit for the MA in Medical Sciences (MAMS) program will already be good candidates for admission to medical school, but need to strengthen their academic preparation. This means that all medical school prerequisites must have been completed. Applicants are strongly encouraged to have completed at least the equivalent of an undergraduate minor in one of the natural sciences.

Minimum Application Requirements


A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better on all Undergraduate, Graduate or Post-Baccalaureate study is required. Applications with cumulative GPAs below the minimum will not be reviewed and exceptions will not be made.


Old MCAT: Score of 25 or better (the oldest MCAT score considered is three years prior to date of entrance to MAMS). Applications with MCAT scores below the minimum will not be reviewed and exceptions will not be made.

New MCAT: Minimum score 500 in confidence bands.

Pre-requisite Courses: All medical school pre-requisite courses must be completed by the time the student enters MAMS (one year of biology, one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one year of physics and one year of mathematics, preferably calculus).

Application Materials

MAMS Application Application to the Graduate School of Loyola University Chicago
Official MCAT Score(s) Minimum required score of 25 for old MCAT and 500 with confidence band for new MCAT. The oldest MCAT score considered is three years prior to date of entrance to MAMS.
Official Transcript(s) Official Transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended
Officially Processed AMCAS, TMDSAS, or AACOMAS (only for students who have applied to medical school) Students who have applied to medical school must submit an officially processed, accepted copy of their most recent completed AMCAS, TMDSAS, or AACOMAS application. This copy can be sent in PDF or paper format, and does not have to be directly transmitted from the application service. An “in progress” or unofficial application may be sent by students who are first time applicants to medical school who have not yet completed an application cycle, if AACOM, AAMC, or TMDSAS has not yet completed review of the application.
Expanded Resume Students should provide a detailed account of their extracurricular experiences. Discuss any clinical, employment, teaching, leadership and research experiences along with a brief description of what was learned from each experience.
Personal Statement The personal statement conveys the student's motivation for becoming a physician, and shares experiences that have contributed to their decision. Students may use the personal statement from their most recent completed AMCAS, TMDSAS, or AACOMAS application, if applicable.
Statement of Purpose/Medical School Application History The statement of purpose explains your career goals and why you would be a good fit for the program. Why have you chosen the MAMS program and how will it help you on your journey to becoming a physician? For students who have applied to medical school, an application history must be provided. This includes information on how many times the student has applied for entry into medical school and what the results were. Provide information on whether or not the student was granted any interviews or placed on waitlists.
Three Letters of Recommendation Three letters of recommendation appropriate for a medical school application and/or the committee letter written by the student's undergraduate institution. Letters of special value to the MAMS application review committee include an evaluation of the student's performance in non-research associated clinical patient contact settings. Academic and research letters are also useful.

Additional notes regarding medical schools

Applicants are reminded that medical schools now routinely complete national background checks on conditionally accepted applicants. Acceptances to medical school can be rescinded depending on the criminal history, military discharge status, or other factors revealed by this check, based on physician licensure and patient safety concerns. Early self disclosure of these types of issues is in the best interest of applicants. Students who are unsure if their application is complete should contact GPEM (Graduate and Professional Enrollment Management) by e-mail at gradapp@luc.edu, or by phone at 312.915.8950.

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