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 Mission Statement

The Master of Arts in Medical Sciences program prepares students who aspire to become compassionate, culturally-competent physicians, to build a compelling medical school application.  We are known for the rigor and quality of our graduate coursework and the long-term advising commitment to our students.  We are dedicated to promoting the professional and personal development of each student to facilitate their entry into and future success in medical school. We maintain a student-centered, non-competitive environment that allows each student to capitalize on their strengths as they build their medical school credentials.  We are guided by the Jesuit values of “seeking knowledge in the service of humanity; preparing to live in a shared, global community; and building on the desire to always do and become more.” 

In support of our mission, Loyola’s MAMS program:

  • Provides students with a high quality educational experience with dedicated faculty;
  • Offers substantial office hour contact with faculty advisors;
  • Provides premedical advising upon entry to the program, through post-graduation, on every aspect of a student’s medical school application;
  • Provides entry to Loyola’s Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee Process, which sends to medical schools a comprehensive Committee letter in support of their candidacy;
  • Fosters a collaborative and supportive community in which students help each other learn through group study and information exchange;
  • Facilitates access to Chicago-area hospitals and clinics with opportunities to work with underserved populations, sensitizing students to social justice issues, especially in regard to the availability of medical care;
  • Offers weekly workshops designed to enhance a student’s understanding of individual medical schools, guide students on putting together a strong application, and discuss social justice and ethical issues with experts in the field; Values diversity in our student, professional and social communities. 


All students are expected to apply to medical school following the MAMS program.  By completing the program and implementing advice received from the program, students will have strengthened their medical school candidacy by demonstrating to medical schools that 1) they can succeed in rigorous science courses, 2) secure and maintain a volunteer position in a hospital or clinic and 3) successfully complete Loyola University’s pre-health committee process and be awarded a committee letter of recommendation.  Matriculation rates to medical schools are determined in three-year cohorts since graduates have individual post-graduate timelines for medical schools.  Some student apply immediately after the MAMS program, some apply after a year-long internship following MAMS.  The current three-year matriculation rate to medical school is 95%. 


 MAMS Faculty Dr. F. Bryan Pickett receives the Fall 2015 

Ignatius Loyola Award for Excellence in Teaching!

(Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedegogy



MA in Medical Sciences Program

Students who are unsure if their application is complete should contact GPEM (Graduate and Professional Enrollment Management) by e-mail at gradapp@luc.edu, or by phone at 312.915.8950.

Note: our final deadline for admitted applicants to accept their admission and enroll in the program is July 15. However, due to the increase in applications to this program each year it is encouraged that highly qualified applicants complete their applications well prior to the July deadline in order to secure their seat.

Student Resources

MCAT Requirements for MAMS Admission:

  • Old MCAT: Minimum score of 25 or better.

(Oldest MCAT score considered is 3yrs prior to entrance to MAMS)

  • New MCAT: Minimum score 500 in confidence bands.