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Hunter Cole: BioArtist

Dr. Hunter Cole, formerly known as Hunter O'Reilly, is a lecturer in Loyola University Chicago's Department of Biology. She integrates art and science through her paintings, drawing and teaching. Her paintings have been featured on a number of biology journal covers, including the examples shown below.

Dr. Cole regularly lectures on the intersection of art and science, and has been featured in magazines and television shows both in the US and abroad. For an extensive gallery of her work and a complete list of her accomplishments, please visit her website: http://www.huntercole.org.

Photo Credit: Brian Bednarek

PBS TV Interview with Hunter Cole, formerly Hunter O'Reilly
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Bioluminescent Bacteria
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Symposia Posters:

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Artwork on Biology Journal Covers:

Nature Reviews Genetics
January 2001
Volume 2 No. 1

DNA Is Everywhere: DNA Fingerprinting I

Nature Reviews Genetics
August 2001
Volume 2 No. 8

Unique Clones