Loyola University Chicago

The Beijing Center

for Chinese Studies



Welcome to China, now let's go travel. Staying in the Beijing, let alone the classroom, will not even begin to show you the real China, so we'll get you out on the road for a two week excursion, that is mandatory for all students to attend.

The Silk Road (Fall Semester)

The Silk Road excursion traces a 2,050 mile section of the ancient international trade route between Europe and China. You will spend 16 days traveling to six different sites. Exploring the western-most reaches of China, spending time with Tibetan monks on the grasslands in Gansu Province, and camping with Kazak nomads are just a few of the highlights along the way. You will even have the opportunity to camp overnight, ride a camel, and watch the sunrise in the Gobi Desert. In addition, you will be required to deliver a brief presentation on a topic of interest along the trip to further deepen cultural understanding.


  • See the Terracotta Warriors

  • Cycle around Xi'an's ancient city wall

  • Explore Buddhist grottoes

  • Visit Labrang Monastery

  • Hike Tibetan grasslands

  • Camp in the Gobi Desert

  • Ride camels to watch sunrise

  • Dine and celebrate with Uighur peoples


Yunnan Province (Spring Semester)

For 16 days you will have the opportunity to live, learn, and share the rich and diverse cultures of China’s ethnic minorities. You will have the rare opportunity to participate in homestays in various villages, hike on the Tibetan plateau, and explore a tropical rainforest. In addition, you will celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival (the Chinese New Year) during this trip and enjoy the tropical climate of Xishuangbanna where you will stay in the villages of the Dai people.


  • Experience village homestays

  • Live and socialize with local village communities

  • Climb the Hani rice terraces

  • Visit the ancient towns of Jianshui, Dali, and Lijiang

  • Learn Naxi pictographs 

  • Hike on the Tibetan plateau

  • Explore Zhiyun Monastery

  • Celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival


Academic Excursion Assignment: Each semester students are given a choice to either complete an individual or group project for the academic excursions. For individual projects, students will be required to prepare in advance and deliver a 3- to 5-minute presentation during the academic trip. Those who choose the group project option will give a group presentation after returning from the trip. You will receive more information on the topics and requirements for the excursions before the semester. The goal of these assignments is for the you to gain a deeper understanding of what you will experience during the trip.