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Department of Anthropology

Dr. Juliet Brophy

Full-Time Instructor
Department of Anthropology
BVM Tower 715
1032 W. Sheridan Road
Chicago, Illinois 60660
Phone: 773.508.2981

Juliet K Brophy is a Biological Anthropologist with a specialization in Paleoanthropology. Her particular research interests involve using morphometric analyses to examine taxonomic differences among Plio-Pleistocene fossil hominins and evaluate phylogenetic hypotheses regarding their evolution. Specifically, she employs a two-dimensional morphometric tool, Elliptical Fourier Function Analysis (EFFA), to quantify and identify species-specific dental characteristics. She is one of the dental morphologists investigating the teeth of Australopithecus sediba from the site of Malapa, South Africa. In May 2014, she began analyzing teeth from a newly discovered fossil site called Rising Star. Her ongoing research helped establish the phylogenetic position of the new fossils, which have been attributed to a new species of early Homo. She is also interested in documenting the paleoenvironments associated with the South African hominins and assessing how changes in these environments might have influenced hominin evolution. She is currently the Director of Bovid Studies at the Institute of Human Evolution, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg for Malapa. She has been involved in excavations at several fossil localities in South Africa including Plover’s Lake, Coopers, and Gladysvale Cave and, at present, Juliet is senior research assistant in charge of field operations at the early Pliocene site of Matjhabeng in the Free State of South Africa. In addition to her excavation experience, Juliet is also interested in the taphonomic effects of hominin and carnivore activities on patterns of bone fragmentation.


Selected Publications:

2014    Brophy, J.K.de Ruiter, D.J., Athreya, S., DeWitt, T.J. Quantitative morphological analysis of bovid teeth and its implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions in South Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science 41:376-388.

2013    de Ruiter, D.J., DeWitt, T.J., Carlson, K.B, Brophy, J.K., Schroeder, L., Ackermann, R.R., Churchill, S.E., Berger, L.R. Mandibular remains support taxonomic validity of Australopithecus sedibaScience340.6129.

2013    Brophy, J.K., Crisman, K. A taphonomic analysis of three pork barrels from the steamboat HeroineHistorical Archaeology 47(4): 71-85.

2011    de Ruiter, D.J., Churchill, S.E., Brophy, J.K., Berger, L.R. Regional Survey of Middle Stone Age Fossil Vertebrate Deposits in the Virginia-Theunissen area of the Free State, South Africa. Navorsinge van die Nasionale Museum Bloemfontein. 27: 1-20.

2010    de Ruiter, D.J., Brophy, J.K., Lewis, P.J., Kennedy, A.M., Stidham, T.A., Carlson, K.B., Hancox, P.J. Preliminary investigation of Matjhabeng, a Pliocene fossil locality in the Free State of South Africa. Palaeontologia Africana 45:11-22.

2008    de Ruiter, D.J., Brophy, J.K., Lewis, P.J., Churchill, S.E., Berger, L.R. Faunal assemblage composition and paleoenvironment of Plovers Lake, a Middle Stone Age locality in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Journal of Human Evolution 55:1102-1117.

2008    Brophy, J.K. Visitors. The Field Museum Collections & Research Weekly News, 5 December.

2006    Brophy, J.K., de Ruiter, D.J., Lewis, P.J., Churchill, S.E. and Berger, L.R. Preliminary Investigation of the New Middle Stone Age Site of Plover’s Lake, South Africa. Current Research in the Pleistocene 23:41-43.

Courses taught:

Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Human Origins
The Human Ecological Footprint
Scientific Basis of Environmental Issues
Human Evolution
Hominin Paleoecology and Taphonomy
Anatomy and Physiology


Department of Anthropology
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