Statistics Certificate

The courses for the Statistics certificate are offered in the 16-week daytime schedule at the Lake Shore Campus:

This program is suitable for students preparing for a career in industrial mathematics, biostatistics, statistics, business or economics. The Statistics Certificate Program may also appeal to high-school teachers of Science and Mathematics. Courses are taught by the faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. All courses are for credit and can be transferred into the major in Statistics once a student is admitted into an undergraduate degree-seeking program.

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Certificate Requirements

The Statistics Certificate Program requires six courses (18 credit hours). Please click on each course to read a full description of the content covered:

  • EITHER: MATH 161 Calculus I (4) and MATH 162 Calculus II (4)
    [Prerequisite for MATH 161 is a math placement test or MATH 118; Prerequisite for MATH 162 is MATH 161]
    OR: MATH 131 Elements of Calculus I (3) & MATH 132 Elements of Calculus II (3)
    [Prerequisite for MATH 131 is a math placement test or MATH 118; Prerequisite for MATH 132 is MATH 131]
  • STAT 203 Statistics (3) OR STAT 335 Introduction to Biostatistics (4)
    [Prerequisite for STAT 203 is MATH 162 or 132 (with grade of "C" or better); prerequisite for STAT 335 is MATH 162 or 132; BIOL 102]
  • STAT 303 SAS Programming & Applied Statistics (3) [Prerequisite: STAT 103 or 203 or 335]
  • EITHER: STAT 304 Probability & Statistics I (3) and STAT 305 Probability & Statistics II (3)
    [Prerequisite for STAT 304 is MATH 263; STAT 203 or 335; Prerequisite for STAT 305 is STAT 304]
    OR: STAT 307 Experimental Design (3) and STAT 308 Applied Regression Analysis (3)
    [Prerequisite for STAT 307 is STAT 203 or 335; Prerequisite for STAT 308 is STAT 203 or 335]

Some requirements may be fulfilled by transfer credit. Please speak to an SCPS academic advisor about prior credits.

Courses are offered in the 16-week format during the day at the Lake Shore Campus. To see a complete list of classes for upcoming terms, click here.  SCPS cannot guarantee full-time status throughout the length of the certificate program.

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