Student Forms

Internal Transfer Form

Internal Transfer Application  This form is used to change from a major in one school to another major in a different school. (For example, a student who wants to change from a major in College of Arts and Sciences to a major in School of Continuing and Professional Studies.)


Request for Non-SCPS Student To Take an SCPS Course

SCPS students are given first opportunity to enroll in SCPS courses. Requests will not be processed until one month prior to the class beginning.

SCPS courses are eight weeks long, requiring a student to have a certain degree of academic rigor so a Non-SCPS student should meet the criteria below. The following SCPS are not open for enrollment for non-SCPS students: COMM 237-Small Group Communication; COMM 273-Interpersonal Communication; ECON 201-Principles of Economics (Micro); and ECON 202- Principles of Economics II (Macro). CPST courses are not open for enrollment to non-SCPS students either.  

  • Be undergraduate LUC degree students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or better; students taking 15 or more credit hours in a semester and wanting to enroll for an additional course in SCPS course need a cumulative Loyola GPA of 3.00 or better (MUST have advisor approval if SCPS class will bump total credits to 18+).
  • Meet all SCPS course prerequisites and requirements.
  • Request admission to a SCPS course no sooner than one month prior to the start of SCPS classes and no later than the date of the first class meeting in each eight-week term.*
  • For School of Business students, written permission from student's academic advisor must be sent to SCPS with request. 

In addition, the following restrictions apply:

  • A maximum of five non-SCPS students will be admitted to any SCPS course.
  • Any SCPS course may be canceled if the number of registered non-SCPS students is equal to or exceeds the number of registered SCPS students in a given term.
  • Non-SCPS students may not audit SCPS courses.
  • Admission to SCPS classes may be granted up until the first class each term.
  • Enrollment in eight-week SCPS courses is strongly discouraged for traditional students with fewer than 30 college credits (Loyola and/or transfer).

Please fill out the following Non SCPS Request Form‌ and you will be notified by email and phone whether you got in the class.